Sample Documents and Templates

Scholarship Documents

Arizona RTAP scholarship preapproval form
California RTAP (CalACT) scholarship forms
Colorado RTAP (CASTA) scholarship form
Connecticut RTAP scholarship application and agreement
Idaho RTAP website including scholarship FAQs and forms 
Maine RTAP scholarship information and form
Maryland RTAP scholarship forms
Massachusetts RTAP scholarship application
Minnesota RTAP scholarship information and application
Montana RTAP scholarship guidelines, application, and reimbursement form
New Hampshire RTAP scholarship form template and scholarship application
New York RTAP scholarship guidelines
North Dakota RTAP travel authorization form
Ohio RTAP scholarship form
Washington RTAP scholarship form
Wisconsin RTAP scholarship application form and guidelines


Grant Documents

Massachusetts RTAP Helping Hand Mini Grant information and application



California RTAP CalACTION
Florida RTAP (CUTR) Bulletin
Indiana RTAP (RLS) Dispatch (TAP-IN)
Kansas RTAP (KU) Trans Reporter
Maryland TAM/RTAP newsletter
Minnesota RTAP newsletter
Missouri RTAP (MSU) eNewsletter
New Hampshire RTAP newsletter
Washington RTAP Spotlights Newsletter

Procurement Documents

Example RFP from New Hampshire RTAP
Financial spreadsheet from New Hampshire RTAP  


Training Documents

Washington State RTAP's contract with WSTIP (Washington State Transit Insurance Pool) for training
Wisconsin DOT's training cost breakdown
Delaware Transit Corporation's post-training assessment form and refresher training policy
Training course request form from

Templates and Forms

Connecticut RTAP technical assistance form
Illinois Rural Transit Assistance Center (RTAC) has a webpage with vendor responsibility forms, including piggybacking forms, a Sample of a First Quarter Section 5311 Operating Assistance Requisition
Kansas RTAP Memorandum of Agreement template
Medical qualification forms from Indiana RTAP, such as a post-accident investigation form and medication information form. This page also includes templates for job descriptions.
Templates and technical assistance request form from Ohio DOT/RTAP
Regional roadeo event reimbursement form from Texas RTAP
Blank policy form from Delaware Transit Corporation


Updated April 21, 2021