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The National RTAP Resource Library is a comprehensive collection of rural transit-related materials, including training modules, reports, technical briefs, and articles that you can view, order, or download.

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National Rural Transit Assistance Program is a program of the Federal Transit Administration dedicated to creating public & rural transit solutions in America through technical assistance, partner collaboration and FREE training and other transit industry products.


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ProcurementPRO 2.0

This full version of ProcurementPRO 2.0 provides the federally-required clauses and certifications, as well as checklists and other documentation for your project. It allows you to edit your project; creates a printable document; and is organized by tabs to help you manage your project flow and files.

RTAP Training Material

Training Products

Problem Passengers

This training was updated and enhanced in June 2018 and now includes an eLearning version and a narrated Facilitator's Guide. The course portrays the difficult situations rural transit staff may face and appropriate responses. It covers customer management and behavior modification techniques to help prevent situations from escalating.

RTAP Toolkits

Tech Briefs & Toolkits

Transit's Role in Emergency Response

This recently updated technical brief provides important information for transit providers keep in mind to plan for unexpected emergencies. The brief explains how to develop a detailed plan, and to convey that plan to key community partners, before disaster strikes.

Spotlight for Best Practices

Best Practices Spotlight

Deviated Fixed Route

This Best Practices Spotlight article, based on the study conducted by RLS & Associates for National RTAP and additional references, provides best practices to assist rural transit providers as they explore service options related to moving from demand response to a deviated fixed-route system.

Texas A&M Transportation Institute, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration and t...
The Capacity-Building Toolkit for Including Aging and Disability Networks in Emergency Planning<...
Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Advancing Organizational Capabilities for Transportation...
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The National Transit Database (NTD) is the main source for information and statistics on US transit systems. Recipients or beneficiaries of grants from the FTA under the Urbanized Area Formula Program (§5307) or Rural Formula Program (§5311) are required to submit their performance data. Each year this data is used to allocate FTA funds to states and transit agencies, and annual NTD reports are submitted to Congress to summarize transit service and safety data. For more information, visit FTA's NTD Website.

NTD started collecting rural transit data in 2006. Rural reporting is streamlined and has fewer requirements than for urbanized areas. A great way to access and analyze rural NTD data is with the Integrated National Transit Database (iNTD) system's Rural Module. Learn more on the Rural iNTD page and use it to compare your state or transit system by different performance measures and variables.

The State RTAP Managers' Forum is a place for RTAP managers to ask questions and share best practices about state RTAP topics such as scholarships, training delivery, program structure, and more. National RTAP staff will make sure that no questions go unanswered, but the exchange of ideas and solutions between RTAP managers is the centerpiece of the Forum, which will also serve as an archive of information about running a state RTAP program.

Are you a state RTAP manager? Find out more on the State RTAP Manager's Forum Webpage and get started today.

The National RTAP in the Cloud Support Center is your go-to place for in-depth guides and instructional videos about all of our web-based applications in the Cloud. There is also a helpful Cloud Overview Video explaining what the Cloud is, how to sign up, and the difference between user accounts and organization accounts.

The Support Center is designed to help both current users of our web apps and those just getting started. You can go to the specific page for each web app or you can search to find what you need. If the materials in the Support Center do not answer your question, contact information is provided for National RTAP Tech Support.