National RTAP Training

On these pages you will find the training materials provided free of charge by National RTAP in print or online through our eLearning system. Also see our Directory of Trainers for outside training resources and trainers-for-hire.


National RTAP eLearning

The National RTAP eLearning portal, or learning management system (LMS) hosts self-guided, online coursesLearner progress and scores can be tracked and documented by managers in the LMS. 

Visit the National RTAP eLearning page to learn more and get started!


2 The Point Training

Our 2 The Point Training is another popular training resource with a non-traditional format.  Visit the 2 The Point Training page to learn more about these flexible refresher training cards as well as the eLearning version.


National RTAP Training Modules

National RTAP’s hard-copy training modules are available through our Resource Library. Some are designed for use as an instructor-led training (ILT), with both Learner and Instructor Guides and often a disc with a PowerPoint and other ILT materials. The Learner Guides can also be used simply as self-guided training. 

For a list of all National RTAP trainings and resources, download our Resource Catalog. Most items can be downloaded or ordered from the Resource Library or phone (888-589-6821), email (info@nationalrtap.org), or chat (click the button in the upper right). The materials and shipping are both free of charge.

See the How to Search, Download and Order guide for more information about using our Resource Library.

National RTAP training modules (hardcopy and eLearning) include:

  • 2 the Point Training
  • Boards that Perform
  • Customer Driven Service
  • Emergency Procedures for Rural Transit Drivers
  • Essential Skills for Trainers
  • Essential Spanish for Rural Transit
  • Fundamental Financial Management for Rural Transit Agencies
  • How to Buy a Vehicle
  • Introduction to Preventative Maintenance
  • Reasonable Suspicion Training for Supervisors
  • Risk Management for Rural Transit Managers
  • Roles & Responsibilities of Transit Managers
  • Problem Passengers: Managing Difficult Passengers & Situations
  • Scheduling & Dispatching for Rural Transit Systems
  • START (Safety Training and Rural Transit) and START Online
  • Substance Abuse Awareness Training
  • Top Shops: Emergency Management in Vehicle Maintenance Facilities
  • Transportation Coordination