State RTAP Managers' Forum

State RTAP Managers Breakfast

The State RTAP Managers' Forum is a place for RTAP managers to network, exchange information, engage in conversation, and share best practices about state RTAP topics such as scholarship policies, training delivery, program structure, and roadeo planning. These are just a few examples – RTAP managers can start conversations about topics of their own choosing. Examples of potential questions for the forum include:

  • What is the range of salaries for employees of outsourced programs?
    • How do I implement a roadeo or take over organizing a yearly conference?
    • How do I go about searching for a new contractor for a training class?

National RTAP staff will make sure that no questions go unanswered, but the exchange of ideas and solutions between RTAP managers is the centerpiece of the Forum. The discussions, links and documents will also serve as an ever-expanding archive of information about running a state RTAP program.

The Forum has a friendly, dynamic interface, and is on an application called Podio. The system allows RTAP Managers to post questions and discussion topics, comment on posts, share files, and send private messages to other users.

Access to the forum is by invitation only. If you are an RTAP manager or a contractor with a major role in managing the program in your state, and do not currently have access to the Forum, please email info@nationalrtap.org.


Please note that by logging in, you will be leaving nationalrtap.org and going to Podio. For help getting started in the Forum, please read the Forum Instructions, or watch the video overview from the 2014 webinar.


Photo credit: National RTAP