Request Peer Assistance

 Are you grappling with a state RTAP program issue? If you would like to talk with someone who has faced similar challenges, consider requesting assistance from a knowledgeable state RTAP manager. Peer assistance can include phone calls, e-mail contact, and information sharing, for example. 

Click the button below and complete the Request Peer Assistance form. National RTAP staff will identify the appropriate individual and contact you to make an introduction via phone or e-mail.

You may also be interested in finding out who works on different issue areas in other states. Visit the MTAP Technical Assistance Directory, managed by AASHTO's Multi-State Transit Technical Assistance Program (MTAP), to find out who is responsible for Section 5311, 5310, State RTAP, Intercity Bus, and more within each state.

Talking at the State RTAP Managers Breakfast            Request Peer Assistance


Photo credit: Elizabeth Taylor, National RTAP