"The Website Builder helped Pelivan Transit to create an incredible website with eye pleasing features including a scrolling marquee for up to the minute messages for riders. We are so proud of the end product thanks to the talented National RTAP tech support."

Debra McGlasson, Pelivan Transit









"It was very easy to incorporate all our agency’s information into our website with Website Builder. The National RTAP technical support team was incredible and we were amazed at the speed which they answered all our questions."

Lillian Maxey, Texas County Transportation

Since 2011, Website Builder has allowed users to create and design websites that are hosted on the National RTAP server free of charge. In 2019, National RTAP released Website Builder 3.0 using customer feedback to make improvements.

Website Builder 3.0 makes it easier for users to create and edit their sites by providing a basic template, simplified design functions, and new support resources. And those wishing to do more advanced work on their websites are still able to do so.


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