National RTAP Web Apps Overview

National RTAP has the following free web-based applications to help your transit organization. Click the title of each web app below to learn more.

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Website Builder

Enables rural and tribal transit organizations to build and manage a website through transit focused templates and simple design options. Instructional videos walk you through the process.


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ProcurementPRO 2.0

Guides transit agencies and state DOTs through FTA procurement procedures. Users enter basic project information and they receive the required Federal clauses and certifications. Checklists and guidance are also available. States can set up their own portal with specific thresholds and requirements.

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GTFS Builder

Helps transit agencies put their route and schedule data into the General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) format and get it online, making their services more visible and allowing riders to plan trips on sites like Google Maps. Instructional videos walk you through the process.

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The National RTAP Cloud

The National RTAP Cloud hosts the above web apps. All of the apps and data are stored on the National RTAP server. To get started, sign up now for a free Cloud account.

The National RTAP Cloud was updated and all web apps were moved in October 2018 to a new server. If you used our web apps previously, you will need to create a new National RTAP Cloud account. No user data was moved to the new Cloud. Some project data in the legacy Cloud can be accessed through September 2019.

There are different organizational levels in the National RTAP Cloud: federal, state, tribal, and local. The local level includes state associations, local government, and local transit organizations. Just select the appropriate level for your organization during the sign-up process.

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Get started using our web apps today by creating a new National RTAP Cloud account or logging into your existing account in the new Cloud:

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To get technical support for our web apps, including instructional documents and videos, go to the Support Center.