Welcome to the National RTAP Support Center

Using one of National RTAP's web apps? Get help here from our Getting Started Guides, instructional videos, and other resources. Click the links below for the support information for each web app. If you still need help, contact us and we can assist you!


Get Support for:

  • Cost Allocation Calculator - An application tool to help transit agencies accurately allocate costs.
  • GTFS Builder - Creates General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) files to be used by trip planning software.
  • ProcurementPRO - Six easy steps to determine federal clauses and certifications when using Federal funds.
  • Website Builder - Build and manage a great-looking website that is hosted for free on the National RTAP server.

If you need eLearning support, contact elearning@nationalrtap.org.  If you have an information request, contact info@nationalrtap.org.


National RTAP in the Cloud

National RTAP in the Cloud hosts the three web-based applications (web apps) listed above. The web apps are hosted on the National RTAP server and users can access the information and functionality from any device with internet service for free. 

You must have a National RTAP Cloud Account in order to use our web apps. To get an account, click the "Cloud Signup" button in the upper right. The Cloud was updated and moved in February 2019 to a new server. If you used our web apps previously, you will need to create a new National RTAP Cloud account. No user data was moved to the new Cloud.