ProcurementPRO is a free web-based application that guides rural and Tribal grantees and State DOTs through Federal Transit Administration (FTA) procurement procedures.  Using basic project information entered by the user, the program provides the required FTA clauses and certifications that must be included in procurement documents. The application can also provide other helpful resources such as a procurement document template, check lists, and guidance for preparing procurement documents. 

The program is intended to offer guidance through a procurement process when utilizing federal funding; it does not constitute full federal compliance. State and local procurement guidelines may supersede federal and should be reviewed for compliance. The clauses and certification downloaded from ProcurementPRO are for inclusion into procurement documents, but may also be inserted into contractual agreements. However, additional clauses and certification may be required for contractual agreements.

ProcurementPRO does what it may have taken you days or weeks to do. To start using ProcurementPRO, create a new National RTAP Cloud account or log into your existing account:

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Product Features

• User-friendly interface

• Choose your procurement method based on type and cost threshold

• Receive the necessary Federal clauses and certifications

• Comes with check lists and guidance based on FTA Circular 4220.1F

• Save and archive projects in the National RTAP Cloud

• Create a procurement document template to add documentation generated during the procurement process

• FTA procurement requirements are monitored by a procurement specialist to ensure ProcurementPRO is always up to date

• ProcurementPRO has the infrastructure available to include state, tribal and local government procurement requirements

• Two versions are available depending on your need. 


This full version of ProcurementPRO provides the federally-required clauses and certifications, as well as checklists and other documentation for your project. It allows you to edit your project; creates a printable document; and is organized by tabs to help you manage your project flow and files. Clicking this button will start you moving through the tabs of your project. You can save and come back to it at any time.


This is a shortened version of ProcurementPRO built for those who wish only to download the federally-required clauses and certifications necessary for a given project. Clicking this button will download a PDF of the clauses and certifications and then will return you to the project dashboard. However, you can choose to edit the project later to make use of the full version of the application.

• State Portal (Available only to State RTAP Managers and other State Procurement Officials)

Are your State’s procurement thresholds for procurement methods different than Federal ones? Are State clauses, certification or other documents often missing from agency procurement documents? If so, you may want to consider creating a State Portal within ProcurementPRO. The State Portal provides a mechanism for including State, as well as FTA, procurement documents (clauses, certifications, checklist, etc.) within projects created by ProcurementPRO.

We recently updated our State Portal Instruction Guide. It provides a simple step-by-step set of instructions on collecting, organizing and uploading your state’s procurement documents.



Need help with ProcurementPRO?  Visit the ProcurementPRO support site by clicking here: