Other Tools

Below are links to PDFs with additional information and resources about implementing marketing strategies and using the tools in this toolkit.

Creating Ads, Flyers and Posters.pdf

Creating Content for Passenger Guides.pdf

News Calendar.zip Includes Word Doc and PDF

News Release Guidelines.pdf

Photo Release.zip Includes Word Doc and PDF

Photo Tips.pdf

Radio Script Guidelines and Sample.pdf

Sample Questionnaire.pdf

Tips for Communicating with People with Special Needs.pdf

Template Utilities

Customizing Templates in Microsoft Publisher.pdf

Map Maker.zip (includes Publisher file and PDF)

Schedule Templates.zip (includes Excel file and PDF)

Print Instructions.pdf (PDF)

To download zip files: Right-click on the link above. Then select "Save as" from the dialog box that opens and direct it to the folder you choose on your computer.

To unzip and open the package: In the folder you just downloaded to, double-click the [filename.zip] and the zipped package will open and reveal the files inside.