Technical Assistance Program Overview

Peer AssistanceOne of National RTAP’s objectives is to facilitate technical assistance, including direct technical assitance and peer networking and assistance, for more efficient use of public transportation resources. Currently the National RTAP Technical Assistance Program consists of direct technical assistance, Peer Roundtables and Chats, and a Peer Assistance Network, which connects peers in the rural and tribal transit industry to help each other with common challenges and to share experience and best practices.


Direct Technical Assistance

National RTAP provides direct technical assistance for rural and tribal transit providers. Our staff and partner experts can assist you with starting and expanding transit services, procurement, implementing technologies and marketing strategies, and many other topics. If you would like to request this service, use this form to request direct technical assistance or contact us at


Peer Roundtables and Chats

National RTAP Peer Roundtables and Chats began in 2018.  Peer Roundtables take place every other month and are informal discussions and open information exchange of issues affecting Transit Managers, State RTAP Managers, Tribal Transit Managers, State DOT Managers, and other groups. Roundtables are hosted on GoToMeeting, with no registration required, and are moderated by National RTAP staff. There will always be preselected topics for discussion to start off the session, and attendees are welcome to bring their questions. 

Quarterly Peer Twitter Chats are open to anyone with a Twitter account.  No registration is required, and a unique hashtag, such as #TransitMarketingMatters, will be set up so participants can follow the chat.  Chats are moderated by National RTAP staff, Review Board Members and other experts in the field, and have been held on topics including #RuralTransitHeroes and #Every1OnTheBus. Chat transcripts and summaries are posted following the chat. 

Check our Peer Roundtables and Chats listings for more information.


Peer Calls

The National RTAP Peer Call Series was held from 2015-2018. Peer Calls were an opportunity to share questions, challenges, and solutions on a specific topic in rural and tribal transit. They were not formal presentations, but a time for information sharing and discussion of mutual issues.  The calls were usually facilitated by peers with experience or knowledge in the topic area, but sometimes an industry expert helped answer questions or guided the discussion. To  listen to recordings of previous calls, go to the Peer Roundtables and Chats page.

Peer Network

The Peer Assistance Network matches individuals seeking assistance on a particular issue with a peer in the industry who has experience or knowledge in that area. First the individual discusses their needs with National RTAP staff, who will then connect them with an appropriate peer.   

Depending on the issue and the availability of the peer, assistance may include: email, phone, face-to-face meeting, document review, or sharing of resources or templates. National RTAP staff are available to facilitate the assistance as needed. If you are interested in utilizing the Peer Network for any issues that you face – big and small – submit a Peer Request Form or contact us at, 888-589-6821, or via chat.

In addition, for State DOT staff, check out AASHTO's Multi-State Transit Technical Assistance Program. MTAP enables state transit agencies to network and efficiently solve technical problems through a variety of peer exchange opportunities. MTAP helps state DOTs implement FTA programs, provides feedback to FTA on implementation issues and best practices, and creates a professional network to share best practices, receive technical assistance, and obtain new ideas from other states. To find individuals in other states, visit the MTAP Technical Assistance Directory.