Wheelchair Securement

While wheelchair securement practices are based heavily on the type of equipment used and the manufacturer, there are some common best practices.  This section also contains guidance about securement of other mobility devices, such as scooters.


National RTAP

101 Webinar Series: ADA and Rural Transportation

2 The Point Training Cards and eLearning

ADA Toolkit and ADA Section of Transit Manager's Toolkit

eLearning Wheelchair Securement and Lifts eLearning Training Videos

Oversized Wheeled Mobility Devices Technical Brief 

START Safety Training and Rural Transit 


FTA Guidance

FTA Office of Civil Rights Questions and Answers Concerning Wheelchairs and Bus and Rail Service


Reports and Guides

CALACT's Mobility Device Access and Securement: Standards and Wheelchair Marking and Tether Strap Programs

CTAA's COVID-19 Wheelchair Securement Best Practices

Kansas RTAP Fact Sheets - In the Spotlight: Wheelchair SecurementWheelchair Securement: Where Art Meets ScienceWheelchairs and Other Mobility Devices on Public and Private Transportation

Michigan Department of Transportation's (MDOT) Autonomous Wheelchair Securement project

NADTC's ADA Training Program for Motorcoach Companies: Self-Study Guide

TRB IDEA's Independent Wheelchair Securement

TRB TCRP's Use of Mobility Devices on Paratransit Vehicles and Buses

University of Louisville's Wheelchair Tiedown and Occupant Restraint Practices in Paratransit Vehicles

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Ride Safe Brochure and Educational Toolbox.

U.S. Access Board's Accessibility for Passengers with Mobility Disabilities: Part 2. 2021



CTAA's Passenger Assistance Safety and Sensitivity (PASS) Trainer and Driver Certification - includes training on wheelchair securement

Indiana RTAP's Wheelchair Training Video. 2020

OATS, Inc.'s Training Videos for Securing a Wheelchair in a Mini-Bus

University of Massachusetts Medical School Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and the Center for Developmental Disabilities Evaluation and Research Safe Transportation of People in Wheelchairs

University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute's Wheelchair Securement System Videos


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Updated July 21, 2021