Transit Asset Management

Transit asset management (TAM) is a model that prioritizes funding based on the condition and maintenance of transit assets, such as vehicles, equipment and/or facilities.


US DOT and FTA Resources

FTA's Asset Category Overviews & Lifecycle Management, 2019

FTA's Asset Management Tools page provides IT, modeling and analytical tools for TAM

FTA's Transit Asset Management PLanning Assistance TemplatE (TAMPLATE) and TAM Plan Template for Small Providers

FTA's Transit Asset Management Final Rule video, 2018

FTA's Transit Asset Management Resource Table

FTA's Transit Asset Management Systems Handbook, 2020

FTA's State of Good Repair and Transit Asset Management page, with updated technical assistance, documents, and tools. 

FTA's TERM-Lite System for asset management

FTA's Asset Category Overviews & Lifecycle Management

U.S. DOT TAM Executive Slides


APTA's Communicating Your Transit Asset Management Plan, Transit Asset Management web page, and Transit Asset Management Guide

AASHTO's TAM Guide, 2020, and https://www.tam-portal.com/

NCHRP Report 866: Return on Investment in Transportation Asset Management Systems and Practices. A spreadsheet helps agencies evaluate the return-on-investment of TAM systems.

NCHRP Report 898: A Guide to Developing Financial Plans and Performance Measures for Transportation Asset Management. Provides guidance for conducting financial analyses and developing financial plans for TAM.

NCHRP's Lessons Learned and Impacts to Date of State DOT Implementation of New Federal Transit Asset Management and Public Transportation Agency Safety Requirements, 2020.

TCRP Report 172: Guidance for Developing a Transit Asset Management Plan provides best practices and a spreadsheet tool for managing asset inventory.



National RTAP's Best Practices: Coordination Between State DOTs and Transit Agencies in Asset Management and Capital Planning webinar
NTI's webinars on transit asset management



SouthEastern Arizona Governments Organization posts their Transit Asset Management System online.  The system allows their providers to track and update vehicle information. The Charts page provides real-time visualizations.



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Updated June 22, 2021