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The previously recorded webinars are in alphabetical order below. To view webinar videos, click on the movie icon to the left of the description. If a video is available, it will pop up and play. Transcripts of webinars are available upon request.


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101 Webinar Series: Cost Allocation, 6/6/18

FTA Low-No Emissions Program: Grant Writing for Small and Rural Systems, 4/19/18

Moving from Demand Response to Deviated Fixed Route Service, 4/18/18

Drug & Alcohol Fitness-for-Duty Policies & Procedures for Public Transit, 1/19/18


101 Webinar Series: ADA and Rural Transportation, 12/10/14

In this fourth webinar of the 101 Webinar Series, Donna Smith (Director of Training) and Kristi McLaughlin (Training & Technical Assistance Specialist) from Easter Seals Project ACTION walk through numerous frequently asked questions and answers regarding ADA customer service and compliance.  They clarify what you can and cannot say and do regarding service animals, explain how much assistance you need to provide to passengers, and cover specifics about wheelchair securement, lifts, stop announcements, training, and more.  Their presentation also includes links to helpful ADA resources.

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101 Webinar Series: Charter Service and School Transportation, 11/20/13

In this second webinar of the 101 Webinar Series, Sarah Brodt Lenz, Greater Minnesota Public Transit Coordinator at MnDOT, explains the basics of FTA's Charter Service and School Bus Regulations. She discusses definitions of key terms, examples of exemptions and exceptions, and implications for Section 5311 sub-recipients. Links to the regulations and other helpful resources are also provided.

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101 Webinar Series: Connecting Users and Rides for Specialized Transportation, 8/17/16

During this webinar, Judy Shanley of the National Center for Mobility Management (NCMM) provides an overview of mobility management and Will Rodman and Dan Berez of Nelson\Nygaard walk through the Transportation Research Board's NCHRP Report 832: State DOTs Connecting Specialized Transportation Users and Rides, Volume 1: Research Report and Volume 2: Toolkit for State DOTs and Others. Will focuses on the research report about existing linkage programs. Dan explains the strengths and weaknesses of each type of program (from a directory of local transportation options to a direct trip booking app) and discusses the evaluation of linkage programs.

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101 Webinar Series: Cost Allocation, 6/6/18

In this webinar, Todd Hansen of Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) and Rich Garrity of RLS & Associates presented an overview of cost allocation models, why cost allocation is important, and the various uses (e.g. NTD reporting, performance measurement, pricing of services). The presenters then walked through potential applications of the tools and techniques and things to consider. This webinar explains ways to use cost allocation to make transit agency financial reporting more accurate, efficient, and transparent.

For additional resources, including templates or information helpful for setting up cost allocation at your agency, see the 2016 TCRP Report 144: Sharing the Costs of Human Services Transportation and TTI’s Making Dollars & Sense of Transit Finance course materials (at the bottom of the page).

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101 Webinar Series: Drug and Alcohol Testing, 9/16/14

In this third 101 webinar, Robbie Sarles, President of RLS & Associates, provides an overview of one aspect of the FTA's drug and alcohol testing requirements – the Federal Custody and Control Form (CCF). Ms. Sarles reviews the responsibilities of transit agencies when it comes to vendor oversight and service agent monitoring and points out common collection site problems. She also explains how to properly fill out a Federal CCF and how to correct errors. Click below to download a combined PDF with the following handouts referenced in the webinar: Affidavit of Correction, Collection Site Checklist, and Federal CCF (sample). 

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101 Webinar Series: Estimating Ridership of Rural Demand-Response Transit, 11/16/16

During this webinar, Jeremy Mattson, Associate Research Fellow at the Small Urban and Rural Transit Center (SURTC), presents on his recent report: Estimating Ridership of Rural Demand-Response Services for the General Public. The study developed two models for estimating demand and can be used by transit agencies or planners to: forecast demand for demand response services; estimate the impact of service changes; or project future ridership.

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101 Webinar Series: Ethics in Transit Decision-Making, 3/18/15

In National RTAP's fourth 101 Webinar, Dr. Jill Hough, Program Director for the Small Urban and Rural Transit Center at the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute, North Dakota State University, discusses ethics and how they play a role in the transit workplace. Dr. Hough gives an overview of ethics, frameworks to consider when making decisions, and the importance of making ethical decisions.

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101 Webinar Series: Fire and Flood - Disaster Planning and Response, 4/26/17

During this webinar, panelists from Louisiana, Washington, and California share their experience with disasters in their states and communities. They describe their event, what preparations were in place, what role transit had in responding to the event, and the recovery process. Panelists share lessons learned and the resources they utilized.

NOTE: There was an issue with the recording of this webinar, so only the presentation slides and notes are available. If you have questions about the presentations or the topic in general, contact us at info@nationalrtap.org, or email the panelists directly if they provided their contact information on the slides. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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101 Webinar Series: FTA Bus Safety Program and SMS for Small Agencies, 12/1/15

In this webinar, Joe Powell of FTA and Erik Larson and Ream Lazaro of Boyd, Caton & Grant (FTA Contractors) present on FTA's Bus Safety Program and the value of the Safety Management System (SMS) framework for small transit agencies. They explain how SMS can be implemented at a small or rural bus system and how SMS will impact those agencies.

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101 Webinar Series: FTA Intercity Bus Program, 9/30/15

In this webinar, Marianne Stock of the FTA and Stephanie Gronterman of Isaacs and Associates present on the FTA's Intercity Bus Program, Section 5311(f), including a significant Q&A session.  Marianne provides an overview of the FTA program for states, intercity bus operators, and transit agencies.  Stephanie provides the Greyhound perspective, giving some background and examples, and walking through calculations to demonstrate using the intercity match.  View the recording to learn how you can maximize the connectivity and mobility value in your intercity bus program.

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101 Webinar Series: Grant Writing, 8/30/17

This webinar covers step by step guidance and best practices for finding grants and submitting applications, especially for FTA programs. Presenters include Kari Banta of Texas DOT and Katharine Mitchell of the Regional Transportation Authority of Pima County, AZ, who bring both the reader/funder and writer/proposer perspectives to the process of writing a grant proposal. Whether you are a new or experienced grant writer, this webinar has important tips and reminders to help you!

In addition, be sure to download National RTAP's Grant Writing Technical Brief, and also download the webinar slides and handouts via the buttons below.

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101 Webinar Series: Introduction to TCRP, 2/16/17

During this webinar, representatives from the Transportation Research Board and AASHTO's Standing Committee on Public Transportation discussed recent research and resources, current projects, and how to get involved with future research. They explained the Transit Cooperative Research Program problem statements, synthesis reports, and NCHRP research projects.

To find a report and submit a synthesis idea (due March 17, 2017) or problem statement (due June 16, 2017) for FY 2018, go to http://www.trb.org/TCRP/TCRP.aspx. Also download the presentation slides and two TCRP handouts below, which have emails for TCRP staff.

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101 Webinar Series: Procurement, 6/15/16

During this webinar, Ryan Hammon of FTA Region 8 provided a presentation on procurement basics and Mike LaBello of Main Street Connections gave an overview of how to use National RTAP's ProcurementPRO tool. A Q&A session was held at the end. Note that the presentation PDF below only includes Mike LaBello's slides. For FTA procurement resources, visit FTA's website.

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101 Webinar Series: Procurement for Contracted Services, 7/20/17

During this webinar, Hiep Tran from Washington State DOT's Transit Division and Mike LaBello from Main Street Connections walk through the basics of procuring services, from janitorial to consulting contracts. They also share tips for using National RTAP's ProcurementPRO to identify the federal clauses and correct procurement processes to comply with FTA rules. Some great questions were asked during the Q&A portion of the webinar.

To learn more about ProcurementPRO and start using this free tool, go to www.nationalrtap.org/Web-Apps/ProcurementPRO. For additional basic procurement information and guidance, go to the Procurement Day 1 page of our Transit Manager's Toolkit.

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101 Webinar Series: Rides to Wellness - Creating Healthy Communities, 5/28/15

Four panelists discuss FTA’s new Rides to Wellness initiative and the potential for creating more healthy communities with mobility management and coordination among healthcare and transportation providers. The panelists include Danielle Nelson and Rik Opstelten of the FTA, as well as Judy Shanley of Easter Seals and Carolyn Jeskey of CTAA, both co-directors of the National Center for Mobility Management. They discuss NCMM’s Healthcare Access Mobility Design Challenge grants and other next steps for transit providers to take.

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101 Webinar Series: Social Media, 9/25/13

In this first webinar of the 101 Webinar Series, Susan Bregman, Principal of Oak Square Resources, discusses the basics of social media as applied to the rural and tribal transit field. She presents the social media platforms that are available, discusses why a transit system might use social media, and explains what a transit agency must do in order to effectively use social media.

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101 Webinar Series: Title VI Requirements, 7/29/15

In this 101 webinar, Jonathan Ocana, Title VI Subject Matter Expert in FTA’s Office of Civil Rights, provides an overview of FTA’s Title VI requirements. He focuses on the Chapter III requirements that apply to almost all transit providers, discussing the Four Factor Analysis at length, and briefly covers some of the Chapter IV requirements that apply to fixed route providers. He clarifies questions about translation, driver training, the complaint process, and more in the Q&A session at the end. Click below for his presentation, which has extensive information in the notes. A written Q&A document with helpful links is available as well.

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101 Webinar Series: Transit Asset Management, 1/19/17

During this webinar, Kelly Shawn of RLS & Associates, Inc. provides information on recent Transit Asset Management (TAM) requirements issued by FTA in July 2016 and the impact on small transit providers. Topics include background on FTA's State of Good Repair, data needed to develop a TAM Plan, State-sponsored plans, and best practices for determining asset replacement and cost analysis.

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101 Webinar Series: Veteran's Highly Rural Transportation Grants, 9/28/16

Learn about the Highly Rural Transportation Grant program, funded through the VA. Hear about the program from the federal, state, and local level, covering the program background, eligible applicants, future funding availability, and highlighting implementation of the program in Oregon, with lessons learned to share with other states and sub-recipients.

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2 the Point Training Introductory Webinar, 6/26/13

This webinar introduces 2 the Point Training, a series of refresher training cards for transit drivers. Each card has training content on the front and a quiz and sign-off area on the back. The webinar explains how to download and print the cards and offers suggestions of different ways to use them.

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Customer Driven Service, 7/22/11

In this webinar, Michael Noel of Lazaro & Noel LLC introduces this important and comprehensive training module, an update of National RTAP’s “Building Customer Service.” Transit is a customer service-focused industry and this module contains essential training for drivers and other transit agency staff members who have contact with the public.

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Drug & Alcohol Fitness-for-Duty Policies & Procedures for Public Transit, 1/19/18

This webinar was a follow-up to the 12/12/17 webinar which covered the update to USDOT's drug and alcohol regulation, 49 CFR Part 40, effective January 1, 2018. One key piece of the update was the addition of four new prescription opioids to the drug testing panel. This webinar, presented by Robbie Sarles of RLS & Associates, provides a discussion about best-practices and suggestions for policies and procedures addressing an employee's "fitness-for-duty" in the context of the "significant safety risk" determination by an Medical Review Officer following a USDOT drug test.

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Emergency Procedures for Rural Transit Drivers, 2/17/11

In this webinar, Gary Gleason of Nusura Inc. provides an overview of the updated version of this valuable training module, which focuses on how to handle the emergency situations faced by rural transit drivers every day.

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FTA Agency Safety Plans NPRM and Proposed National Safety Plan Webinar, 3/7/16

During this webinar on the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plans Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) and Proposed National Public Transportation Safety Plan, the FTA discusses the provisions of both the proposed rule and plan and how industry stakeholders can get involved in the regulatory process. Speakers include Candace Key and Brian Alberts of FTA's Office of Transit Safety and Oversight and Michael Culotta of FTA's Office of Chief Counsel.

NOTE: the recording does not include the Q&A portion of the webinar. The FTA has provided a combined written Q&A, available on the FTA website here as "FTA Webinar Series: Questions and Answers." On that page are also links to the NPRM, an FAQ, and other resources.

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FTA Low-No Emissions Program: Grant Writing for Small and Rural Systems, 4/19/18

Tara Clark of FTA's Office of Program Management will introduce the Low-No competitive grant program, walk through the supplemental application, and answer your questions. In addition, we will bring three successful proposers to the table to tell you how they requested grants to start low or no emission programs at their systems.

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GTFS Builder Overview, 8/16/11

This webinar provides a high-level overview of National RTAP in the Cloud and the GTFS Builder web-based application. Marcy Jaffe of MJC goes over the GTFS Builder toolset, offers a live demo of online trip planning, and discusses the many benefits to transit agencies and riders.

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GTFS Builder Step 1 Workshop, 6/13/13

In this webinar, the first of a three-part , cumulative workshop series, Marcy Jaffe of MJC leads a demonstration on how to start gathering your agency’s bus stop location data, to eventually use to build a schedule to be uploaded to Google Transit.

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GTFS Builder Step 2 Workshop, 6/20/13

In this webinar, the second of a three-part, cumulative workshop series, Marcy Jaffe of MJC leads a demonstration on how to build a bus route schedule with the bus stop location data you collected in Step 1, to eventually upload to Google Transit.

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GTFS Builder Step 3 Workshop, 6/27/13

In this webinar, the third of a three-part, cumulative workshop series, Marcy Jaffe of MJC leads a demonstration on how to prepare and validate your bus route data, post it to National RTAP in the Cloud, and work with Google to launch it in their trip planner application.


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GTFS Builder Webinar: Open Discussion with Local Agencies, 4/14/15

This webinar is a discussion with representatives of three local transit agencies that provide fixed route service and have been successful in creating and maintaining General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS)files using National RTAP’s GTFS Builder. Learn from their experiences with this spreadsheet application used to develop GTFS files that are needed to post transit schedules and routes on no-cost trip planners like Google Transit, Bing/Yahoo or Apple Maps. If your riders have asked about online trip planning or want to know why they can’t get your transit schedules on their smartphone, take a look at this webinar and then look at the GTFS Builder application.



Hours of Service and Electronic Logging Devices, 1/12/18

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Mandate final rule compliance date was December 18, 2017, and all carriers subject to the rule must use self-certified ELDs that are registered with FMCSA by December 16, 2019. This webinar featuring industry expert Mike McDonal provides guidance to rural transit agencies about the FMCSA Hours of Service (HOS) regulations and the ELD Mandate, including an overview of the regulations, compliance, management, technology and implementation.


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Integrated National Transit Database (iNTD) Rural Module, 6/24/15

In this webinar, David Gray, Regional Planning Manager from SCDOT discusses the requirements of the NTD reporting, how the agency uses the data to allocate funding and evaluate transit systems, and why SCDOT will be using the Rural iNTD Module in the future. Albert Gan, Ph.D., Professor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Florida International University (FIU), introduces the Rural iNTD system that his team developed for National RTAP. If you use the rural database for analysis of rural and tribal public transit systems, you will find this new tool very helpful when evaluating the data.  (NOTE: In 2016 the name was changed from INTDAS to iNTD.)


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John Martin Series: Dawning of a New Era in Community Transit, 2/11/10

This webinar, the first of a five-part series by John Martin of the Southeastern Institute of Research and the Boomer Project, details the major trends shaping the future of transit in America: demographic shifts, generational dynamics, technological advances, and the greening of America. John shares transit-related insights on how generational values influence and predict how Americans view transit-related technology, services, and mode choice. 

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John Martin Series: Putting the Riders' Needs First, 4/15/10

This webinar, the second of a five-part series by John Martin, discusses the importance of having a Customer-Centric Focus in transit in order to grow your rider base. John presents seven rules for putting customer needs first: having a top down approach, giving a service promise, obtaining customer input, continuously improving, looking for unmet needs, and providing customer service 24/7/365.


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John Martin Series: Exceptional Customer Service Across Generations, 6/17/10

This webinar, the third of a five-part series by John Martin, discusses the generational dynamics that are changing the shape of community transit. John explains the differences between generations; presents generational challenges and opportunities in rural transit; and shares ten rules for exceptional customer service across generations for both the internal workplace and external customers.

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John Martin Series: Measure and Report Your Impact, 9/9/10

This webinar, the fourth of a five-part series by John Martin, explains how rural transit providers can measure and report their impact and why this is important to their long-term survival and growth. John presents case studies of what works and introduces a seven-step process that rural providers can use to identify, measure, and report on their performance and overall impact on the community.  

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John Martin Series: Make Business Part of Rural Transit's Business, 11/19/10

This webinar, the last of a five-part series by John Martin, explains how rural transit providers can recruit and engage business leaders. John presents case studies, a ten-step guide, and tips on forming partnerships with chambers of commerce and economic development programs. The webinar makes you look at your operation and services in a new light, and may open up new revenue sources.

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Kids on Transit, 3/7/17

When kids use public transit it benefits the agency, the community, and the individual. It can help dispel the stigma that transit is only for certain populations; empower youth to be independent; help kids get around without needing a car; enable interaction between different people in the community; and increase ridership now and in the future. During this webinar, three transit providers describe their initiatives to get youth to use public transit: Amber Blake from Durango Transit in CO; Michele Brooks on behalf of the Town of Acton, MA; and Mary Anderson of Whatcom Council of Governments in WA. Listen to the recording to hear innovative strategies and best practices. To download MinuteVan's kids permission packet, go to minutevan.net. You can also view the Whatcom 7th Grade Bus Trip Planner or Mary Anderson's poster about the GIS Story Map.

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Moving from Demand Response to Deviated Fixed Route Service, 4/18/18

During this webinar, Julie Schafer of RLS and Associates discussed the process of evaluating a transit system for the implementation of a deviated fixed route service as well as best practices and FAQs. In addition, Angie Peters of Union County Public Transit presented about the deviated fixed route her agency runs in rural Oregon, and Frank Thomas of Oregon DOT discussed the state perspective.  


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National Aging and Disability Transportation Center Overview, 4/6/16

During this webinar, co-directors Carol Wright, of Easter Seals, and Virginia Dize, of n4a, provide an overview of the newest FTA-funded technical assistance center. The NADTC is a partnership between Easter Seals and the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging (n4a) and focuses on FTA's Section 5310 program.

The presentation covers the goals and activities of the center, which include trainings; resources and publications; a toll-free hotline; technical assistance; a community grant program; and more. Sign up for their email blasts by emailing contact@nadtc.org, call them at (866) 983-3222, and check out their website at www.nadtc.org.

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National RTAP eLearning Overview Webinar, 9/2/15

National RTAP's newest product, the National RTAP eLearning portal, or learning management system (LMS), provides access to free online training courses. The purpose of this webinar is to introduce the eLearning system and demonstrate user registration steps and how to access trainings and resources. The demo also shows how managers can set up their organization as a learning team, become Team Admins, add learners, and view transcripts and reports. In addition, the webinar highlights National RTAP's newest training and first online course, Top Shops: Emergency Management in Vehicle Maintenance Facilities. 



National RTAP eLearning Webinar: Substance Abuse Awareness Training Overview, 8/31/16

This webinar provides an overview of the National RTAP eLearning learning management system (LMS), as well as the new online Substance Abuse Awareness Training. A demo covers how to register as a learner, set up a team on the LMS, access the courses, and view transcripts and reports. Then a preview of the Substance Abuse Awareness training is provided, along with background about the course, followed by a Q&A. Robbie Sarles, of RLS & Associates, Inc., who originally developed the content for the course with Oregon DOT, was on hand for questions. To register or login to the LMS, go to elearning.nationalrtap.org

Download PowerPoint   Download Tech Brief  Download Admin Guide



National RTAP Marketing Toolkit Overview, 11/5/15

National RTAP's newest product, the Marketing Transit Toolkit, is designed to help rural and tribal transit systems develop or enhance their marketing plans and implement various marketing strategies.  During this webinar, Selena Barlow of Transit Marketing LLC, who developed the toolkit for National RTAP, provides an overview of the toolkit as well as some basics about marketing transit.



National RTAP Marketing Toolkit Demonstration, 11/17/15

The new Marketing Transit Toolkit is designed to help rural and tribal transit systems develop or enhance their marketing plans and implement various marketing strategies. The toolkit includes a How-to Guide to marketing transit; Marketing Plan Worksheets; Publisher Templates for passenger guides, newspaper ads, and more; Photo and Graphics Libraries; and detailed instructions on how to use the tools.

During this webinar, Selena Barlow of Transit Marketing LLC, who developed the toolkit for National RTAP, will provide a demonstration of how to use the marketing templates and other tools.



National RTAP Resources Overview with MTAP, 1/19/16

This webinar, hosted in partnership with AASHTO's Multi-State Technical Assistance Program (MTAP), explains how to best utilize National RTAP's resources and website for your state and subrecipients. Robin Phillips, Executive Director, provides a brief overview of National RTAP web tools and training materials. Denise Tyler (DE), Curtis Sims (SC). and Justin Neidel (OK) talk about their training programs and using RTAP tools and materials to support their sub grantees.

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ProcurementPRO Demonstration, 3/17/11

In this webinar, Mike LaBello of Main Street Connections demonstrates how to access and use the ProcurementPRO web app in National RTAP in the Cloud. He runs through a few procurement scenarios to show how the application works and what the results will be.


ProcurementPRO State & Local Portals, 2/23/12

In this workshop webinar, Mike LaBello of Main Street Connections demonstrates how to create a state and local portal in ProcurementPRO, allowing different levels of government to add an overlay of their requirements, creating a coordinated and streamlined tool for procurement involving federal, state and/or local funding.


ResourceShare Overview, 11/9/17

Learn how to use Resource Share, the National RTAP system to free, high quality technical assistance and training materials for rural and Tribal transit systems. Resource Share features National RTAP-developed resources and linked access to relevant resources developed by other organizations. By attending this webinar, you will learn how to browse, search and filter to find the resources you need, and how to save, download, access and request print copies to be shipped to you.

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State RTAP Manager's Toolkit and Forum, 4/22/14

In this webinar, National RTAP staff provide an overview of the new State RTAP Manager's Toolkit and State RTAP Managers' Forum. First, Jess Wallis goes through the different sections and features of the online toolkit – a comprehensive guide to setting up and maintaining a state RTAP program. Then Liz Taylor explains the basics of the forum, demonstrating step-by-step how RTAP managers set up their accounts in Podio (the third-party application hosting the forum). She also points out key features of Podio and shows RTAP managers how to start communicating in the forum to discuss program issues, request documents, and share information.

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Understanding the Updated USDOT Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulation, 12/12/17

Video PlayerThe U.S. Department of Transportation's drug and alcohol testing regulation, 49 CFR Part 40, was revised and released on November 13, 2017 and is effective on January 1, 2018. During this webinar, Robbie Sarles of RLS & Associates provides a brief, but comprehensive, summary of the changes and how they will impact transit systems.

Robbie describes the context of the revisions, the impact at the employer level, and what actions transit systems should make before January 1, including how to update your transit system drug and alcohol testing policy. She also briefly covers suggestions on the best practices to educate your workforce on these changes and how the changes may affect the employees.

Click the video icon on the left to view the recording. Click below to download the Transcript, Q&A Document, and abbreviated PowerPoint. You may also want to visit the Office of Drug & Alcohol Policy & Compliance website and view the Final Rule Summary of Changes.



Website Builder Overview, 8/11/16

During this webinar, the HelpDesk Manager for National RTAP Tech Support provides a new overview of the Website Builder web app and hosting service. He explains the features of the system, highlights recent changes and additional modules, and gives answers to common questions. He also gives a demo of Website builder and shows some of the live transit websites created with the tool. A Q&A session is held at the end.

For more about getting started with Website Builder, go to our Support Center or email support@nationalrtap.org .

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