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The purpose of this Directory is to connect local, regional, and state organizations looking to hire a trainer with trainers available for hire. Trainers listed have provided their information voluntarily.  Trainers who wish to be added can email info@nationalrtap.org with your contact information, training topics, and training region.  If you're looking for a trainer in your region, filter within the Directory by FTA Region. To find out your FTA Region, view this map on FTA's website

You may also be interested in the training offered by the organizations listed below. Additionally, you might want to contact your state RTAP manager, local fire department, and neighboring transportation providers regarding training opportunities.

Note: this is not an exhaustive list and some training may involve a fee. None of the trainers or organizations have been specifically endorsed by National RTAP. 


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State: -
Email: web@devobal.com
Name: - -
State: -
Email: resources@nationalrtap.org
Organization: Massachusetts DOT, Rail and Transit Division
Name: Abril Novoa Camino
Category: RTAP Managers
State: Massachusetts
Email: abril.novoa-camino@dot.state.ma.us
Phone: (877) 627-8271
Organization: Vermont Agency of Transportation, Public Transit Section
Name: Amy Rast
Category: RTAP Managers
State: Vermont
Email: amy.rast@state.vt.us
Phone: (802) 828-6521
Organization: Michigan DOT, Office of Passenger Transportation
Name: Andrea Brush
Category: RTAP Managers
State: Michigan
Email: brusha@michigan.gov
Phone: (517) 335-2534
Organization: Colorado Association of Transit Agencies (CASTA)
Name: Ann Rajewski
Category: RTAP Managers
State: Colorado
Email: annr@coloradotransit.com
Phone: (303) 839-5197
Organization: Maine DOT, Bureau of Transportation Systems Planning
Name: Barbie-Jo Lord
Category: RTAP Managers
State: Maine
Email: barbie-jo.lord@maine.gov
Phone: (207) 624-3026
Organization: North Dakota DOT, Local Government Division
Name: Becky Hanson
Category: RTAP Managers
State: North Dakota
Email: bhanson@nd.gov
Phone: (701) 328-2542
Organization: Arkansas State Highway &Transportation Department Public Transportation Programs
Name: Bill Ryan
Category: RTAP Managers
State: Arkansas
Email: bill.ryan@arkansashighways.com
Phone: (501) 569-2472
Organization: New York State DOT, Public Transportation Bureau
Name: Bill Telovsky
Category: RTAP Managers
State: New York
Email: william.telovsky@dot.ny.gov
Phone: (518) 457-6279
Organization: County of Kauai Transportation Agency
Name: Bob Brun
Category: Region 9, Trainer
State: Hawaii
Email: rbrun@kauai.gov
Phone: (808) 246-8127
Organization: Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council
Name: Brad Chism
Category: Region 10, Trainer
State: Oregon
Email: BChism@coic.org
Phone: (541) 316-2229
Organization: California DOT, Division of Mass Transportation
Name: Brian Travis
Category: RTAP Managers
State: California
Email: brian_travis@dot.ca.gov
Phone: (916) 654-9842
Organization: National RTAP
Name: Cara Marcus
State: -
Email: cmarcus@nationalrtap.org
Organization: Oregon DOT, Public Transit Division
Name: Casandra Mance
Category: RTAP Managers
State: Oregon
Email: casandra.mance@odot.state.or.us
Phone: (503) 986-3669
Organization: West Virginia DOT, Division of Public Transit
Name: Cindy Fish
Category: RTAP Managers
State: West Virginia
Email: cindy.e.fish@wv.gov
Phone: (304) 558-0428
Organization: South Carolina DOT
Name: Curtis Sims
Category: RTAP Managers
State: South Carolina
Email: simsc@scdot.org
Phone: (803) 737-0071
Organization: New Mexico DOT, Transit and Rail Division
Name: David Harris
Category: RTAP Managers
State: New Mexico
Email: DavidC.Harris@state.nm.us
Phone: (505) 827-5420
Name: David Scribbins
Category: Region 1, Region 10, Region 2, Region 3, Region 4, Region 5, Region 6, Region 7, Region 8, Region 9, Trainer
State: Wisconsin
Email: revdscribbs@hotmail.com
Phone: (608) 604-5682
Organization: Cape May County Transportation Department
Name: David Smith
Category: Region 2, Trainer
State: New Jersey
Email: dsmith@co.cape-may.nj.us
Phone: (609) 886-1340
Organization: Ohio Department of Transportation
Name: David Walker
Category: RTAP Managers
State: Ohio
Email: david.walker@dot.ohio.gov
Phone: (614) 644-0301
Organization: DART First State
Name: Denise Tyler
Category: RTAP Managers
State: Delaware
Email: Denise.Tyler@state.de.us
Phone: (302) 760-2841
Organization: MassTran
Name: Dennis Boucher
Category: Region 1, Trainer
State: Massachusetts
Email: dboucher@masstran.biz
Phone: 978-223-4019
Organization: Illinois Rural Transit Assistance Center (RTAC)
Name: Ed Heflin
Category: RTAP Managers
State: Illinois
Email: RTAC@wiu.edu
Phone: (800) 526-9943
Organization: Colorado Association of Transit Agencies (CASTA)
Name: Elena Wilken
Category: RTAP Managers
State: Colorado
Email: elenaw@coloradotransit.com
Phone: (303) 839-5197