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The purpose of this Directory is to connect local, regional, and state organizations looking to hire a trainer with trainers available for hire. Trainers listed have provided their information voluntarily.  Trainers who wish to be added can email info@nationalrtap.org with your contact information, training topics, and training region.  If you're looking for a trainer in your region, filter within the Directory by FTA Region. To find out your FTA Region, view this map on FTA's website

You may also be interested in the training offered by the organizations listed below. Additionally, you might want to contact your state RTAP manager, local fire department, and neighboring transportation providers regarding training opportunities.

Note: this is not an exhaustive list and some training may involve a fee. None of the trainers or organizations have been specifically endorsed by National RTAP. 

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Organization: Ulster County Area Transit
Name: Sandy Closi
Category: Region 2, Trainer
State: New York
Email: sclo@co.ulster.ny.us
Phone: (845) 334-8116
Organization: Bluegrass Ultra-Transit Service Program
Name: Taylor Veatch
Category: Region 4, Trainer
State: Kentucky
Email: taylor.veatch@bgcap.org
Phone: (502) 695-4290
Organization: Bluegrass Ultra-Transit Service Program
Name: Tim Monroe
Category: Region 4, Trainer
State: Kentucky
Email: tim.monroe@bgcap.org
Phone: (502) 695-4290
Organization: First Step Driver Training, LLC
Name: Tommy Collins
Category: Region 4, Trainer
State: South Carolina
Email: firststepdriver@gmail.com
Phone: (843) 812-1389
Organization: RLS & Associates, Inc. - Indiana RTAP
Name: Victoria (Vicky) Warner
Category: Region 5, Trainer
State: Indiana
Email: vwarner@rlsandassoc.com
Phone: 812-799-3360
Organization: Lee Tran
Name: William Shrout
Category: Region 4, Trainer
State: Florida
Email: wshrout@leegov.com
Phone: (239) 533-0355