What is National RTAP in the Cloud?

Web Apps IconNational RTAP in the Cloud hosts all of National RTAP’s web applications (web apps) and related data, making them available to users nationwide from any computer or device connected to the internet.

Everything is hosted on the National RTAP server, so users can access the information and functionality without having to download anything to their computers. National RTAP in the Cloud lives anywhere you can connect to the internet!


National RTAP Cloud Features

Because all of the web apps and related data are hosted in the National RTAP Cloud, nothing is stored on your own computer, you automatically get the most updated version of the apps each time you log in, and your saved work can be accessed from any computer or device connected to the internet.  

National RTAP Cloud Federal LevelThe Cloud has three levels: federal, state and local. National RTAP is at the federal level, while state DOTs occupy the state level. The local level includes transit agencies, state transit associations, and other transit related organizations. To access National RTAP's web apps, all users create a Cloud account and are assigned to one of these levels. 

There are also User Roles for Cloud accounts. The first person to create a Cloud account from an organization is the Cloud Admin for that organization. The Cloud Admin has access to all of the National RTAP web apps and features (highest security role). The Cloud Admin can assign other User Roles to other individuals in the organization. Turning on these User Roles allows others to view and use the various web apps.  

After users create their Cloud accounts and their User Roles have been set, they have access to the web apps. More information about each of the apps can be found by clicking on the links in the left toolbar of this page.

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