National RTAP in the Cloud Web Apps


National RTAP has a suite of web-based applications to help your transit organization. Learn more about the web apps below and on their respective pages. To learn about the National RTAP Cloud system and how to register, visit the What is the Cloud? web page.


Website Builder Icon

Enables rural and tribal transit organizations to build and manage a website for free with customizable transit-focused templates and simple design options.

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Procurement Pro Icon

Guides users through FTA procurement procedures. Users enter basic project information and receive the required Federal clauses and certifications. Checklists and guidance are included. States can set up their own portals if they have state-specific procurement requirements.

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GTFS Builder Icon

Helps agencies put their routes and schedules into the General Transit Feed Specification format and get it online, making their services more visible and allowing riders to plan trips on sites like Google Maps.

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