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This section includes informational and technical assistance resources are some of the most highly requested from National RTAP customers within the past year. Additional collections of resources are contained in our Topic Guides on the following subjects:

The following are selected resources that answer questions posed by users of the National RTAP Resource Center, and respondents to our national surveys of transit organizations.

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Customer Service

ESPA Transit Call Centers: A Front Line in Customer Service Webinar

National RTAP's 2 the Point - Customer Service

National RTAP's Customer Driven Service Learner's Training Module, and Webinar and Technical Brief

National RTAP's John Martin series, Customer Service in Rural Transit: How to Identify and Meet Customer Needs Webinar and Technical Brief

National RTAP's John Martin series, Customer Service in Rural Transit: Exceptional Customer Service Across Generations Webinar and Technical Brief

National RTAP's Problem Passengers, Challenging Situations: Managing Problem Passengers and Difficult Situations

TCRP's Customer-Focused Transit

TCRP's Addressing Difficult Customer Situations


Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

FTA's Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Page

Minority Business Development Agency's (MBDA) How do MBEs participate in the Department of Transportation's DBE program?

National RTAP's Understanding DOT'S Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Program

Southern Nevada Transit Coalition's Sample Transit Agency DBE Program Plan

US DOT's DBE Program Overview and Video


Diversity Training

APTA's Diversity in the Transportation Industry: Attracting and Engaging Diverse Groups Webinar

Community Transportation Association of the Northwest (CTANW) web page on Passenger & Community - Disability & Diversity Awareness

NTI's Building Diversity Skills in the Transit Workplace (Train the Trainer)

TCRP's Diversity Training Initiatives

TCRP's Practical Resources for Recruiting Minorities for Chief Executive Officers at Public Transportation Agencies

Transportation Diversity Council's Executive and Staff Training and Development


Driver Recruitment

APTA's Recruiting and Retaining Bus Operations Employees

Kansas RTAP's Retaining and Recruiting Quality Bus Drivers

Metro Magazine's 5 Keys to Attracting, Hiring and Retaining Quality Motorcoach Drivers

TCRP's Vehicle Operator Recruitment, Retention, and Performance in ADA Complementary Paratransit Operations 


Electronic Logging Devices

Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance's (CVSA) Hand-Held and Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs)

FMCSA's Electronic Logging Devices Page

National RTAP's Hours of Service and Electronic Logging Devices Webinar


Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)

FTA's Drug and Alcohol Testing - DOT HIPAA Responses

National RTAP's HIPAA Rule's Effect on Rural Transit Agencies

TCRP's How the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Other Privacy Laws Affect Public Transportation Operations


Legislation Compliance


FTA's Americans with Disabilities Act Guidance

FTA's Title VI Program Requirements for FTA Grantees 

National RTAP's Substance Abuse Awareness Training, Testing, and Compliance 

NCHRP's State DOT Best Practices for Title VI Compliance

TCRP's Improving Safety-Related Rules Compliance in the Public Transportation Industry

TCRP's Transit Agency Compliance with Title VI, Limited English Proficiency Requirements


Pre-Trip Inspections

AASHTO's CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Training

CTAA's VMMI: Vehicle Maintenance Management and Inspection

Illinois Rural Transit Assistance Center's Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspection of a Paratransit Vehicle Video

Kansas RTAP's Vehicle Inspections

Minnesota Department of Transportation's Driving Professional and Defensively Video

National RTAP's Safety Training and Rural Transit (START) Training Module

TCRP's Preventive Maintenance Intervals for Transit Buses

Wisconsin RTAP's Pre-trip Inspection- Preventative Maintenance for Drivers



Central Ohio Transit Authority's Ridership Initiatives and Ideas

CUTR's Beyond Sidewalks - A Guide to What Influences People to Walk, Bicycle, and Access Transit

NCTR's Estimating Ridership of Rural Demand-Response Transit Services for the General Public

TCRP's Continuing Examination of Successful Transit Ridership Initiatives

TCRP's Elements Needed to Create High-Ridership Transit Systems

TCRP's The Role of Transit Amenities and Vehicle Characteristics in Building Transit Ridership

TCRP's Strategies To Attract Auto Users to Public Transportation

TCRP's Using Market Segmentation to Increase Transit Ridership

Texas Southern University Center for Transportation Training and Research's Reviewing, Analyzing and Updating Marketing Strategies to Increase Public Transit Ridership



AASHTO's Safety Webpage

FTA's National Public Transportation Safety Plan

National RTAP's 101 Webinar Series: FTA Bus Safety Program and SMS for Small Agencies

National RTAP's 2 the Point- Passenger Safety Training Cards

National RTAP START Safety Training and Rural Transit Learner's Training Module and START Online eLearning

Tribal Safety Management Strategic Steering Committee's Safety Plan

US DOT's Safety Culture: A Significant Influence on Safety in Transportation

US DOT's Safety for All Users Report

Western Transportation Knowledge Network's Traffic Safety LibGuide

Title VI

FTA's Providing Language Access to Persons with Limited English Proficiency and Low Literacy

FTA's Title VI Program Requirements for FTA Grantees

FHWA's Title VI web page

National RTAP's Title VI Requirements Webinar and Q&A Sheet

NCHRP's State DOT Best Practices for Title VI Compliance 

TCRP's Transit Agency Compliance with Title VI, Limited English Proficiency Requirements 

TCRP's Using Pictograms to Make Transit Easier to Navigate for Customers with Communication Barriers

US DOJ's Translating Limited English Proficiency into Practice


Transit Development Plans

Center for Transit Oriented Development's (CTOD) Transit-Oriented Development Tools for Metropolitan Planning Organizations (includes information about rural areas)

CUTR's How to Develop a Transit Development Plan (TDP) and Why? Webcast

ODOT's Transit Development Planning Guidebook


Vehicle Maintenance

FTA's Capital Vehicle Preventative Maintenance Program Handbook

National RTAP's Introduction to Preventive Maintenance: An Investment That Pays Off

National RTAP's Preventative Maintenance - Vehicle Cleanliness Inspection Task Sheet

National RTAP's Top Shops: Emergency Management in Vehicle Maintenance Facilities Technical BriefLearner's Training ModuleResource Guide and eLearning

National RTAP's Vehicle Maintenance: Reducing the Cost of Fuel Consumption

TCRP's Guidebook for Developing and Sharing Transit Bus Maintenance Practices

TCRP's Maintenance Productivity Practices

TCRP's Preventive Maintenance Intervals for Transit Buses

Updated March 4, 2019