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State RTAP Manager's Toolkit

The National RTAP State RTAP Manager’s Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to setting up and maintaining a successful Rural Transit Assistance Program (RTAP). Material contained in the toolkit comes from the experiences and expertise of state RTAP managers, and in many cases, is supported by additional research.  The toolkit can be read from beginning to end as a guide for new RTAP managers or those looking to enhance an existing program, and can also be used for reference about specific aspects of RTAP program management by skipping to the relevant section(s). Templates or examples are available for most policies and forms used in RTAP programs, as well as links to other relevant information. 

Citation: National RTAP. State RTAP Manager's Toolkit. 2018. https://www.nationalrtap.org/Toolkits/State-RTAP-Managers-Toolkit/Welcome

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