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2 The Point - Defensive Driving - Spanish

National RTAP 2 the Point Training Cards have been designed to be quick refresher trainings for transportation drivers that can be reviewed in the break room, while parked and waiting for a passenger to finish an appointment, or at the beginning of the day before beginning a route. Each card has training information on the front and a set of questions on the back.  After the driver finishes reviewing the information, he/she can answer the short quiz.  There is space at the bottom of the card for both the driver's and his/her supervisor's signature.

Defensive Driving covers: en-route inspection, personal preparedness risk factors, I.P.D.E. driving method, unintentional skids, night driving, reduced visibility, driving through water, winter driving, summer driving, speed and following distance, braking distance, mirror and blind spots, backing, passing, freeway safety, yielding, pedestrians and bicyclists.

This training was released in 2013 and updated and translated into Spanish in 2018.

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