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2 The Point - Bloodborne Pathogens - Spanish

National RTAP 2 the Point Training Cards have been designed to be quick refresher trainings for transportation drivers that can be reviewed in the break room, while parked and waiting for a passenger to finish an appointment, or at the beginning of the day before beginning a route. Each card has training information on the front and a set of questions on the back.  After the driver finishes reviewing the information, he/she can answer the short quiz.  There is space at the bottom of the card for both the driver's and his/her supervisor's signature.

Bloodborne Pathogens covers: bloodborne pathogens and the workplace, cleanup procedures, removing soiled gloves, reporting pathogens and general tips. 

This training was released in 2013 and updated and translated into Spanish in 2018.

Citation: National RTAP. 2 the Point - Bloodborne Pathogens - Spanish. 2018. http://www.nationalrtap.org/Training/2-the-Point-Training

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