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Fire and Flood: Disaster Planning and Response Webinar

In April 2017, National RTAP held a timely webinar on natural disaster planning and response. The slides and detailed notes are available for download on our website.

On the webinar, panelists from LA, WA, and CA shared their experience with disasters in their states and communities. They described the event, what preparations were in place, the role transit had in responding, and the recovery process. The panelists shared lessons learned and the resources they used.

NOTE: There was an issue with the recording of this webinar, so only the presentation slides and notes are available. If you have questions about the presentations or the topic in general, contact us at info@nationalrtap.org, or email the panelists directly if they provided their contact information on the slides. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Citation: National RTAP. Fire and Flood: Disaster Planning and Response Webinar. 2017. http://www.nationalrtap.org/Webinars#Fire

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