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Bus Roadeo Toolkit

This online National RTAP Bus Roadeo Toolkit and video were created to help transit agencies, transit associations, non-profit social services agencies and state Departments of Transportation (DOT) plan for and implement a bus roadeo and should help ensure consistent judging of contestants as they travel through the obstacle course. If you are a small operator and only want to conduct a bus roadeo with your drivers, you could review sections of the toolkit to determine the information you need for a successful event.

The Connecticut Roadeo was used as the model in the development of this toolkit. A bus roadeo is great for team building, improving morale, promoting safety and it enables drivers to show their skills and network with other people working within the transit industry. It may also result in your drivers competing and winning at the national level.

The Bus Roadeo Toolkit is also available in National RTAP eLearning.

Citation: National RTAP. Bus Roadeo Toolkit. 2014. https://www.nationalrtap.org/Toolkits/Bus-Roadeo-Toolkit/Welcome

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