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National RTAP Announces 2017 Technical Assistance Program

National RTAP announces that applications are now being accepted for the 2017 Technical Assistance Program, with a focus this year on marketing and communications. Using our Marketing Toolkit, web tools like Website Builder and GTFS Builder, and other resources, we are interested in working with two small rural or tribal transit providers to improve their marketing, communications, and/or community outreach.
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Solicitation for Nominations for 2016 National RTAP Review Board Members

National RTAP is soliciting nominations for Review Board members - state transit officials and rural or tribal transit operators. The deadline is January 29, 2016. The term of office is three years beginning in the spring of 2016. Any group or individual involved in rural transit is encouraged to nominate a representative to the board. An individual may nominate him/herself for consideration.
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New National RTAP Product Available: START Online

National RTAP is pleased to announce the release of START Online, an e-learning version of our popular Safety Training and Rural Transit instructor-led course, as well as updated content in the hard-copy START Learner and Instructor Guides.   START Online was developed as a partnership between National RTAP and the Center for Transportation e-Learning (CTeL).  It is an interactive, online version of START, providing the updated content in the following three sections and eight lessons.  The c...
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New National RTAP Product Available: Marketing Transit Toolkit

National RTAP's newest product, the online Marketing Transit Toolkit, is designed to help rural and tribal transit systems (particularly those without dedicated marketing staff) develop or enhance their marketing plans and implement various marketing strategies. It provides a wealth of information, tools, and resources, but you can also just focus on what you need and jump right to those sections of the toolkit. The Marketing Transit Toolkit includes:  How-to Guide for marketing your service...
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National RTAP Appoints New Review Board Member

September 2015 – National RTAP announced that one rural transit operator has been appointed as a new member of the National RTAP Review Board to replace John Filippone of the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority in Aspen, CO, the outgoing Review Board Chair.   The new Review Board member is Mike Oliver, Development Manager at Mason Transit Authority in Shelton, WA (www.masontransit.org). Mike will join thirteen sitting members, both state DOT representatives and transit operators, from Mississ...
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National RTAP Announces New eLearning Training Portal and New Online Course

National RTAP eLearningNational RTAP's newest training product, the National RTAP eLearning portal or learning management system (LMS), provides access to free online training that will greatly enhance access to training for rural and tribal transit providers.The LMS hosts self-guided, online courses on topics like emergency management, refresher training, and problem passengers. Other training resources are also provided, such as videos, PowerPoints, and outside web...
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National RTAP Announces Recipients of the 2015 Technical Assistance Program

The National Rural Transit Assistance Program’s (National RTAP) newly launched Technical Assistance Program announced the recipients of this pilot program. The purpose of the pilot program is to provide direct technical assistance to rural and tribal transportation programs in the areas of compliance with federal regulations and building system capacity to respond to community needs.Sixteen agencies completed and submitted proposals, many of which were excellent. Based on available funding...
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National RTAP Appoints New Review Board Members

April 2015, Woburn, MA – National RTAP announced today that one state department of transportation (DOT) representative and three rural transit operators have been appointed as new members of the National RTAP Review Board. The Department of Transportation representative is: Mr. Bill Telovsky, RTAP, Intercity Bus, and Drug & Alcohol Testing Program Manager, New York State Department of Transportation, Albany, NY The transit operator representatives are: Ms. Deb Dauenhauer, Executive Dire...
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National RTAP Announces the Solicitation of Applications for Technical Assistance

National RTAP is soliciting technical assistance projects from rural and tribal transportation programs. We are interested in helping you comply with federal regulations and build your system’s capacity to respond to your community's needs. Applications are due at 12:00 PM EST on Friday, February 27, 2015.
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New National RTAP Tech Brief Explains the Benefits and Different Options for Recycling Used Motor Oil

Wondering what to do with the used oil from your vehicles? Recycling it helps protect the environment and makes business sense, too. National RTAP's newest technical brief, Used Oil Recycling: Getting Extra Mileage Out of Your Motor Oil, gives you the information you need to start recycling your used oil today.
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National RTAP/FTA/NTTA 1st Technical Assistance

4/19/12-The Exhibitor Expo during the National RTAP/FTA/NTTA 1st Technical Assistance and Tribal Transit Program was held on the second day, Tuesday, March 20, of the two and one-half day conference. The event was held in the foyer of the Radisson Fort McDowell Conference Center.
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National RTAP / Federal Transit Administration

4/19/12-Transit professionals from rural and Tribal transit systems, the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) and state RTAP programs gathered in Scottsdale, Arizona March 18-21, 2012 to participate in the 1st Technical Assistance and Tribal Transit Program Conference and Roadeo.
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