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New National RTAP Product Available: Substance Abuse Awareness Training

National RTAP is pleased to announce the release of the Substance Abuse Awareness Training online course. This training was originally developed by Oregon DOT in partnership with RLS & Associates, Inc. for the TransitTrains website, and was adapted by National RTAP for widespread use.
The FTA drug and alcohol testing regulation (§655.14(b)) requires a minimum of sixty (60) minutes of training for all safety-sensitive employees on the effects and consequences of prohibited drug use on personal health, safety, and the work environment. This course takes an average of 90 minutes to complete.
The Substance Abuse Awareness Training, delivered online through the National RTAP eLearning portal, addresses the signs and symptoms that may indicate drug use. It is composed of two modules: the first is untimed and provides an overview of the course , information about FTA's substance abuse program and general awareness about the dangers of alcohol misuse on the individual’s health, work, and personal life, as well as signs and symptoms of an alcohol problem. 
The second module on prohibited drugs is timed, and includes five sections. The module must take a minimum of one hour to complete to receive credit for the course. Knowledge will be tested after each drug section with a series of questions.  Upon completion, users are awarded a certificate in their name with a time stamp showing the duration it took to complete the module. 
An introductory webinar will be held Wednesday, August 31 from 2:30-3:30 ET and will cover the eLearning portal, registration process, and an overview of the Substance Abuse Awareness Training. The primary audience for the webinar is transit managers, training managers, state RTAP managers, and anyone else interested in this new eLearning course. 
The typical end user will be transit staff and management, such as drivers, maintenance personnel, dispatchers, and managers, who will access the online training via personal computers or tablet devices. Managers have the ability to track learner progress and access reports in order to document compliance with training requirements. 
The course includes links to outside videos about drugs and alcohol, and features narration and closed captioning, as well as a table of contents in order to revisit content as needed.
National RTAP would like to thank the follow Review Board Members who contributed to the development of this course: Bill Telovsky, Curtis Sims, Deb Dauenhauer, George Levitsky, and Linda Howell.
For more information about this product, call 888-589-6821 or email info@nationalrtap.org