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Solicitation for Nominations for 2016 National RTAP Review Board Members

December 28, 2015, Woburn, MA—The National Rural Transit Assistance Program (National RTAP) is soliciting nominations for Review Board members.  The deadline is January 29, 2016.

The National Rural Transit Assistance Program (National RTAP) is funded by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to provide training and technical assistance resources to rural and tribal transit operators.  The Neponset Valley Transportation Management Association (NVTMA) administers National RTAP on behalf of FTA.  More information about current National RTAP programs and services can be found at www.nationalrtap.org.  

National RTAP staff depends on the Review Board for guidance and assistance with the development of training materials and other tools and resources for rural and tribal transit operators.  Among other duties, Review Board members represent National RTAP’s primary customer groups and help us determine what products and services would be of the most value to them.  

National RTAP will soon have a few vacancies on the Review Board and is soliciting for state transit officials and rural or tribal transit operators.  The term of office is three years beginning in the spring of 2016.  Any group or individual involved in rural transit is encouraged to nominate a representative to the board.  An individual may nominate him/herself for consideration.

Download the Press Release and Nomination Form

Overview of the National RTAP Review Board

The Review Board consists of 14 members:  seven state officials and seven rural operators (at least one of whom will be a tribal transit representative).  Review Board responsibilities include:

  • Provide the National Program with guidance on priority needs in the areas of training material development, information dissemination and technical assistance
  • Oversee the quality of National Program products and participate in work groups to help develop products and/or review products under development.
  • Promote the National Program to states and operators

Who is eligible for Review Board membership?

Section 5311 State Program or RTAP Managers and rural transit operators who receive Section 5311 or tribal transit funding are eligible to serve on the Review Board.  National RTAP Board members who have been off the Board for at least three years may be considered if there are not enough new candidates applying. 

What are the expectations of Review Board members?

Members must be from a state transit agency that administers Section 5311 funds or be employed by a rural public transportation agency that receives Section 5311 or Tribal Transit Program funds.  Individuals must be able to attend two official Review Board meetings each year (usually April or May and October).  The first Review Board meeting that will include new members will be held in Washington, DC from April 27 and 28, 2016.  Travel expenses are covered in full by National RTAP.  New Review Board members will participate in an orientation prior to or at the spring 2016 Review Board meeting.  

Members serve for three years and are expected to take an active role in the work of National RTAP by attending official meetings and working with the National Program via email and telephone during the interim.  Promoting the program may include serving as a National RTAP Ambassador and representing the program at national and/or state transit conferences and other events  

What is the solicitation process for new Review Board members?

National RTAP solicits nominations.  A nominating committee will review submissions and make recommendations in conjunction with the Federal Transit Administration.  Candidates may be interviewed by a current or past Review Board member. 

Specific criteria for selection include:

  • Eligibility in one of the two categories of Review Board membership (state DOT program manager or rural/tribal transit provider)
  • Number of years of experience in the rural transit industry
  • Specialized expertise in rural transit issue areas
  • Specialized expertise in training and/or technical assistance
  • Demographic diversity of membership
  • Geographic representation on the National RTAP Review Board

Nominations may be completed and returned electronically or by fax to:

Robin Phillips

Executive Director

National RTAP

5 Wheeling Avenue, Unit B

Woburn, MA  01801

Phone: 888-589-6821; Fax: 781-895-1122



Download the Press Release and Nomination Form