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New National RTAP Product Available: START Online

National RTAP is pleased to announce the release of START Online, an e-learning version of our popular Safety Training and Rural Transit instructor-led course, as well as updated content in the hard-copy START Learner and Instructor Guides.
START Online was developed as a partnership between National RTAP and the Center for Transportation e-Learning (CTeL).  It is an interactive, online version of START, providing the updated content in the following three sections and eight lessons.  The course includes the original videos, with one segment updated, as well as a course outline and transcripts of each lesson.
  • Section 1: Vehicle Safety
    • Vehicle Safety
  • Section 2: Driver/Operator Safety
    • Controlling the Vehicle
    • Controlling the Vehicle (Continued)
    • Driving in Adverse Conditions
  • Section 3: Passenger Safety
    • Safety of Ambulatory Passengers
    • Safety of Non-Ambulatory Passengers
    • Transit Security
    • Crisis Management 
The online course uses the latest e-learning technology to reinforce learning through exercises, scenarios, games, and quizzes, and tests learning in a final exam.  Other benefits of online training include cost and time savings, the learner's ability to go at their own pace and revisit content as needed, and the tracking of learner progress and results.
START Online is hosted on CTeL's learning management system (LMS).  Get started today by registering with CTeL and enrolling in the course!  Like all other National RTAP products, START Online is free of charge.  
A link to START Online is also provided in the National RTAP eLearning LMS, though you need to enroll separately with CTeL.  To order or download the updated START Learner or Instructor Guides, visit the Resource Library or contact National RTAP.
For more information about this product, call 888-589-6821 or email info@nationalrtap.org
National RTAP would like to thank the follow Review Board Members who contributed to the development of START Online: John Filippone, Louis Friend, Linda Howell, George Levitsky, Ryan Marshall, Zenotha Robinson, and Denise Tyler.