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National RTAP Announces New eLearning Training Portal and New Online Course

National RTAP eLearning

National RTAP's newest training product, the National RTAP eLearning portal or learning management system (LMS), provides access to free online training that will greatly enhance access to training for rural and tribal transit providers.

The LMS hosts self-guided, online courses on topics like emergency management, refresher training, and problem passengers. Other training resources are also provided, such as videos, PowerPoints, and outside websites.  More will be added to the LMS over time.

The typical end user of the LMS will be transit agency staff, like drivers, maintenance personnel, dispatchers, and managers. Managers will have the ability to add learners, track learner progress, and access reports to document employee training.

To learn more about the LMS, download the  eLearning Technical Brief or visit the National RTAP eLearning webpage.

To get started, managers should first read the  Team Admin Getting Started Guide, with guidance on how to set up their team, register learners, access trainings, and generate reports and transcripts.

Head to elearning.nationalrtap.org to register and get started on the new National RTAP eLearning portal today!


Top Shops: Emergency Management in Vehicle Maintenance Facilities

National RTAP is excited to release its newest training, Top Shops: Emergency Management in Vehicle Maintenance Facilities, which covers all aspects of preparing for, preventing, and responding to various emergencies that may arise in a maintenance facility.  

While the course is intended for maintenance staff, supervisors, and contractors, it would be beneficial for the staff of any transit facility.

The course consists of six online modules, plus one for managers; resource documents with sample forms and links to additional training and resources; and an optional, flexible instructor-led training (ILT). 

The ILT is meant to complement, not replace, the online course and is for learners to apply what they learned online to their facility. It includes Learner/Instructor Guides and PowerPoints for the six units.

To learn more, download the Top Shops Technical Brief. To enroll in the course, register on the LMS above. For the ILT materials, download them in the LMS or order them in the Resource Library.