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Disaster Preparedness Series: In the Eye of the Storm, 2/21/18

This was the second of three Peer Calls on Disaster Preparedness, co-organized with the South West Transit Association (SWTA). Participants discussed what role they can play in helping their community respond to fires, floods, and other disasters and what they need to do to protect their vehicles.

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State Allocation of Section 5310 and 5311 Funds, 2/8/18

During this Peer Call, State Program Managers from Texas and Michigan spoke about how they allocate Section 5311 and 5310 funds in their states, including the formula or criteria they use, application cycle, and review process. Participants from Arizona, Nebraska, and Idaho also contributed to the conversation. Click “Download Handout” to view a Summary of the Section 5310 and 5311 Application Processes for Texas, Michigan, and New York State. Also visit AASHTO’s Multi-State Technical Assistance Program (MTAP) for more webinars and resources on this topic.

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Disaster Preparedness Series: Getting Ready for the Worst, 1/17/18

This was the first of three Peer Calls on Disaster Preparedness, co-organized with the South West Transit Association (SWTA). Speakers included Michelle Horne of the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and Kristen Joyner of SWTA. 

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ADA Riders Guide and Policies for Tribal Transit, 11/30/17

National RTAP and the National Aging & Disability Transportation Center hosted a conversation about ADA and Tribal Transit. Facilitators included Ken Thompson of NADTC and Easterseals, Jennie Rowland, Big Woods Transit (Bois Forte Tribe) Manager and Vice Chair of the National RTAP Review Board, as well as National RTAP Staff. Presenters and participants reviewed examples of ADA riders guides and discussed best practices.

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Tribal Transit Manager Overview, 7/13/17

National RTAP and the National Aging and Disability Transportation Center partnered to facilitate this peer conversation. FTA's Tribal Program has grown and the need for continuity and shared learning has expanded. This call covered an overview of Transit Management, what is happening nationally with Tribes, and helpful tips and resources. Participants included Transit Managers Jennie Rowland of Big Woods Transit (Bois Forte Tribe) and Emma Featherman-Sam of the Oglala Sioux Tribe DOT.




Fostering a Safety Culture, 5/24/17

How do you foster and maintain a safety culture within your transit agency? Join conversationalists Walt Diangson, trainer for the South West Transit Association, and John Filippone, Safety & Training Manager at the Roaring Fork Transportation Authority in Colorado, for a discussion of the FTA's Transit Safety Plans and how to make safety practices an integral part of your agency's daily operations.

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Engaging Community Stakeholders, 2/15/17

During this peer call, transit veterans Deb Dauenhauer of Southern Nevada Transit Coalition in Laughlin, NV and Ernie Palmer of Basin Transit Service in Klamath Falls, OR share their success stories and lessons learned about getting involved in the community and getting transit a place at the table. Some suggestions include transit system branding, joining local organizations, serving on boards and committees, participating in local events, and more. Also hear the questions and experiences shared by other participants.

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NEMT Performance Measures, 10/26/16

Frank Thomas, National RTAP Review Board Member and General Manager of the La Grande public transportation system and Nick Ducote of Ducote Consulting, talk about the Gap Analysis and Cost-Benefit Modeling study done for Northeast Oregon Public Transit's NEMT Program, and the issue of identifying the savings and benefits transit brings to rural communities and healthcare providers.


Preparing for State Management Reviews, 8/3/16

During this call, National RTAP Review Board Member Michele Nystrom from the Georgia DOT shared her approach to surviving and thriving before, during, and after a State Management Review (SMR).  Discussion questions during the Peer Call included: How do you work with your sub-recipients in preparation for the SMR? When do you start organizing information for the visit and reviewing your documentation? What do you do when the SMR report comes in? What should you be doing in-between reviews to prepare?  Download the notes from the call for an overview of the SMR process and helpful tips from Georgia DOT.

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Special Topics in Procurement - RFPs for IT, 5/18/16

How do you decide what you are trying to procure? If not familiar with your options, how do you spec it and write the RFP? Where can you get good information on available technology? What is the most common procurement that you see, and what are the most common problems? Do you have some strategies for other states or local systems? During this Peer Call, Mike LaBello of Main Street Connections and National RTAP Board Members Frank Thomas and Curtis Sims Jr. discuss these questions.

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Transit Manager 101, 1/27/16

During this call, participants discussed issues transit managers face, especially went first getting started, and tips and resources that helped along the way. Conversationalists included the following National RTAP Review Board Members: George Levitsky, General Manager, Fairmont-Marion County Transit Authority; Deb Dauenhauer, Executive Director, Southern Nevada Transit Coalition; Sharon Peeler, Executive Director, JTrans (Jackson County Transit). 

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Tribal Transit, 11/18/15

This peer call was a follow-up to the roundtable discussion at the National RTAP Technical Assistance Conference in Denver. Topics included: educating tribal governments and national organizations about the tribal transit program, formula funding inequities, the need for a national tribal transit organization, grant writing, NTD reporting, technology, and future workshops. Conversationalists included Jennie Rowland, Transportation Manager, Bois Forte Public Transportation and JD Tovey, Planning Director, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla.

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Title VI Plans, 9/16/15

During this call the core elements of a Title VI plan were discussed, as well as the issues agencies have had with implementing plans, processes for handling complaints, and other best practices related to Title VI compliance. Conversationalists included: Sarah Brodt-Lenz, Transit Coordinator, Greater Minnesota Public Transit, and Kenny Rodriguez, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada. See also National RTAP's Title VI 101 Webinar and FTA's Title VI Webpage.

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Tribal Transit, 8/19/15

During this peer call, issues related to tribal transit were discussed, including key challenges; training needs and barriers; and issues working with state, federal or neighboring local governments. Conversationalists included: Elan Flippin, FTA Tribal Transit Program Manager; J.D. Tovey III, Planning Director, Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation; and Kelly Shawn, Senior Associate, RLS & Associates.

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Interstate Regulations, 7/15/15

During this peer call, discussion covered issues related to transit service crossing state lines, in particular about getting Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) operating authority and insurance requirements. An August 2013 FMCSA Final Rule about the Unified Registration System was also referenced. Conversationalists included: Stephanie Gonterman and Randy Isaacs of Isaacs & Associates and Angie Jones, General Manager, Grant County Transportation District. 

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