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 Rural Transit Assistance Program

The ADOT RTAP program offers training and training scholarships to ADOT transit grant recipients.   


For More Information Contact:

Rural Transit Assistance Program  

ADOT Multimodal Planning Division

206 S 17th Ave MD 340B

Phoenix, AZ 85007


National RTAP

5 Wheeling Avenue, Unit B

Woburn, MA 01801

Main: 888-589-6821

Fax: 781-895-1122







Each Section 5311 grantee agency has an ongoing training program.  Section 5310 grantees are encouraged to contact the 5311 agency in their area to obtain a training schedule and availability of classroom training.  Regularly offered training may include Passenger Service & Safety, CPR, Basic First Aid, Defensive Driving and others.  Please refer to "Driver Training Requirements" in the resource links for a brief description

 5311 grantees

 Training Opportunities and Resources:

 Throughout the grant year the Arizona RTAP provides training opportunities and other events to enhance the safety and quality of service of the grantees.  Training is offered in a combination of delivery formats.  Classroom instruction, Webinar, online distance learning, self paced CD ROMs, and DVD’s.  Other events include hosting national organizations training courses such as the National Transit Institute (NTI), the Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) and others.  Rural Transit Conferences are held each year and the agendas are geared towards specific training needs of the grantees.  The conferences provide a forum for transit managers and supervisors to network and gain best practice information from their peers.


Grantees who have any questions about Arizona Rural Transit Assistance Program please email  


Training Resources


  RTAP Policy Manual
  Arizona State Reimbursement Rates

RTAP Scholarship Pre-approval Form

  RTAP Post Event Expense Reimbursement Form


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