Web Apps FAQ

Q. I already have an account with National RTAP in the Cloud. Do I need a new one?
A. Yes. This is a brand new system and no user data will transfer.


Q. Where do I go to access the new apps?
A. Make sure you’re logged into the system using the “Cloud Login” or “Cloud Signup” buttons in the top right of the page. Once logged in, the application dashboards will appear under the “Web Apps” menu.


Q. How do I edit my profile?
A. You can edit your profile by logging in and going to Web Apps > My Account.


ProcurementPRO 2.0

Q. When I click on ProcurementPRO or QuickPRO to download the document nothing happens.
A. Make sure that your browser is set to allow popups for nationalrtap.org

Q. Do I have to edit my documents online or can I just print them?
A. You can simply print your documents by clicking the “Save and Close” button in the bottom left of the document editor. This will return you to the Project List Dashboard. Once there, click the “Procurement PRO” button to download the project PDF.

Q. Is there a limit to how many projects I can run?
A. There is no limit.

Q. What is the difference between QuickPRO and ProcurementPRO?
A. QuickPRO is a shortened version of ProcurementPRO built for those who wish only to download the federally-required clauses and certifications necessary for a given project. The full ProcurementPRO provides the federally-required clauses and certifications, as well as checklists and other documentation for your project. It allows you to edit your project documents; creates a printable document; and is organized by tabs to help you manage your project flow and files. 


Q. How do I edit my cover sheet?
A. Navigate to Web Apps>ProcurementPRO 2.0 and click “Setup” in the left menu.

Q. Can I access my projects from the old system?
A. Yes. Legacy Procurement PRO can be accessed until 6/30/2019

Q. What is the difference between Active and Archived Projects?
A. Moving a project to Archived simply clears up space in the main project list.


Q. How do I know what Procurement Type and Method to use?
A. Additional information can be found here.


Q. I’m a state or local government agency and we would like to have our own portal. How do we create one?
A. Email info@nationalrtap.org with your contact information, organization info, and reason for needing your own portal. Someone from the National RTAP team will reach out with additional information. There is no cost to maintain your own portal.