Contact Builder is the perfect tool for managing email communications with a customer group. If you maintain a contact list of riders, transit association members, or Section 5311 transit providers, consider using this latest National RTAP in the Cloud web app to make emailing newsletters, updates, and other messages simpler and more effective.

Patti Monahan, Former Executive Director, National RTAP

Contact Builder

Contact Builder IconNational RTAP in the Cloud’s free Contact Builder is a free web-based application that allows you to create, manage, and send messages to contact lists. For those organizations that might be using cumbersome spreadsheets and listservs for their electronic communications, the Contact Builder web app allows administrators to easily and efficiently manage both their contacts and their electronic message campaigns in the same tool. Read the Getting Started Guide to learn more about how to start using Contact Builder!


Product Features

• User-friendly administrative interface

• Featured message function that allows website visitors to view previously sent messages

• Statistics for each message campaign including the open rate and bounce-back information

• Basic templates to visually enhance your emails

• Ability to allow visitors to your website to self-subscribe to various types of notifications

• Ability to send messages with images, hyperlinks and attachments

• Tweet a highlight from your email without leaving the Contact Builder platform


Screenshot of Contact Builder

The My Messages table is the central location where you, the administrator, manage all sent messages and drafts.


Screenshot of Contact Builder

You can create multiple Contact Lists, which can be easily edited or downloaded into Excel files.



Screenshot of Contact Builder

You can add contacts individually, by pasting a list, or by uploading an Excel file.



Get Started Today!

Get started using Contact Builder today by creating a new Cloud account or logging into your existing Cloud account:

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Have you already started using Contact Builder and need technical assistance? Visit the National RTAP in the Cloud Support Center!

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