FTA Tribal Transit Program

Transit for the Jamestown S’Kllallam Tribe in Washington State The Federal Transit Administration’s Public Transportation on Indian Reservation Roads program, or Tribal Transit Program (TTP), provides funding to federally recognized tribes for capital, operating, planning, and administrative expenses for public transit projects that meet the growing needs of rural tribal communities. 



Originally established as a discretionary funding program by SAFETEA-LU in 2006, the TTP was revised in 2012 under MAP-21 to include both a discretionary and a formula component. Formula funds were allocated to eligible tribes for the first time in federal FY 2013, in accordance with a formula outlined in MAP-21 and after consultation with Indian tribes.


Current Program

The FAST Act (December 4, 2015) authorizes funding for the Tribal Transit Program for FY 2016-2020. The TTP continues to be a set-aside from the Formula Grants for Rural Areas (Section 5311) program, and now consists of a $30 million formula program and a $5 million competitive grant program, subject to appropriations. A 10% local match is required under the competitive program, however, there is no local match required under the formula program.

For more information about the TTP, including formula funding allocations, discretionary projects awarded, and training materials, visit FTA's Tribal Transit Program page.


FTA Regional Tribal Liaisons

Each FTA Region (except Region 3) has a designated FTA Tribal Liaison. The list below comes from the bottom of FTA's Tribal Transit Program page, which contains the most up-to-date information.

Region Name City State Email
1 Sergio Coronado Cambridge MA sergio.coronado@dot.gov
2 James Goveia New York NY james.goveia@dot.gov
3 NONE      
4 Valencia Williams Atlanta GA valencia.williams@dot.gov
5 Angelica Salgado Chicago IL angelica.salgado@dot.gov
6 Lynn Hayes Fort Worth TX lynn.hayes@dot.gov
6 Luciana Nears Fort Worth TX luciana.nears@dot.gov
7 Logan Daniels Kansas City MS logan.daniels@dot.gov
8 Jennifer Stewart Lakewood CO jennifer.stewart@dot.gov
9 Philis Yue San Francisco CA philis.yue@dot.gov
10 Kristine McGuill Seattle WA kristine.mcguill@dot.gov

Updated May 17, 2019


Photo credit:  Betty Oppenheimer, Jamestown S’Kllallam Tribe; Sequim, WA