Networking and Professional Development

Though RTAP managers may be physically isolated from one another most of the time, there are many opportunities for connecting electronically and in person throughout the year. Webinars and forums specifically for RTAP managers can be excellent tools for sharing information between programs. Additionally, many RTAP managers congregate at certain conferences year-to-year. National RTAP regularly hosts breakfast meetings for RTAP managers at events like CTAA’s annual EXPO, and the biennial FTA State Programs Meeting.

National RTAP hosts the State RTAP Managers' Forum, used solely by state RTAP managers and National RTAP to ask questions and to share information. 

AASHTO’s Standing Committee on Public Transportation (SCOPT), hosts the MTAP (Multi-State Technical Assistance Project) listserv. RTAP managers can use the platform to share and obtain technical assistance expertise with other RTAP managers around the country. RTAP program funds can be used to join MTAP. 


Conferences and Webinars

RTAP Managers generally attend certain conferences as time and money allow, including the AASHTO/APTA/CTAA State Public Transportation Partnerships Meeting, state transit association meetings, CTAA EXPO, and the Rural Public and Intercity Bus Transportation Conference. More can be found in the Find Anything Toolkit. National RTAP also organized a tribal technical assistance conference in 2012, which will be valuable for state RTAP managers to attend when it is held again in the future.

In the past, National RTAP has held a State RTAP Manager webinar series. Although the series is currently not running, RTAP managers can watch archived webinars


Peer Networking

State RTAP managers are encouraged to use National RTAP’s Peer-to-Peer Network, which connects RTAP managers with each other to answer specific questions or provide guidance. Additionally, RTAP Managers congregate at the special breakfasts National RTAP hosts at many conferences. 


Reaching Out

RTAP managers are generally happy to share their experience with other states. A list of RTAP managers from each state and territory is available on our website. For other organizations with which you should be familiar, particularly if you need technical assistance, see the How to Find Anything Toolkit.