Policies and Procedures

Below are links to collections of policy and procedure templates covering everything from safety and emergency preparedness to compliance, Title VI, and ADA policies. 


CalACT, California's RTAP provider, lists an extensive array of Title VI documents and templates. 

This Delaware Blank Policy Form is part of National RTAP's Transit Manager's Toolkit.

Kansas RTAP, run by Kansas University Transportation Center, lists several policies, including on ridership and dispatch. Scroll to find the Sample Policies section.

New Hampshire RTAP has a Compliance Webpage with policies on ADA, bloodborne pathogens, drug and alcohol, preventive maintenance, procurement and Title VI.

Ohio DOT posts policies, as well as a Policy Model

Oklahoma RTAP posts their Drug and Alcohol policies

South West Transit Association (SWTA) provides sample policies on many topics.

Washington DOT provides sample policies for drug and alcohol, as well as general compliance issues. 

Updated October 8, 2019