Webinars for State RTAP Managers

National RTAP periodically hosts networking webinars to facilitate discussion of common challenges and the sharing of resources and best practices among state RTAP managers. Below are video recordings of such webinars, as well as the presentations and any accompanying handouts.

State RTAP Manager's Toolkit and Forum, 4/22/14

In this webinar, National RTAP staff provide an overview of the new State RTAP Manager's Toolkit and State RTAP Managers' Forum. First, Jess Wallis goes through the different sections and features of the online toolkit – a comprehensive guide to setting up and maintaining a state RTAP program. Then Liz Taylor explains the basics of the forum, demonstrating step-by-step how RTAP managers set up their accounts in Podio (the third-party application hosting the forum). She also points out key features of Podio and shows RTAP managers how to start communicating in the forum to discuss program issues, request documents, and share information.

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Costs and Benefits of Outsourcing Your Program, 1/19/12

This webinar goes over the costs and benefits of outsourcing a state RTAP program. Bob Sharp (PA), John Krause (ID), and Michael Wright (FL) provide case studies and outcomes from their experiences outsourcing their RTAP programs.

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Best Practices in Direct Technical Assistance, 8/4/11

During this webinar, RTAP managers share case studies and best practices of direct technical assistance programs, which often involve educational workshops and webinars, conferences, individual technical assistance, newsletters, articles, and legislative briefs. Presenters include Mark Codey and Jacklyn Montgomery (CA); Michael Wright and Jay Goodwill (FL); Pat Weaver (KS); and Bill Telovsky (NY).

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State-Level Driver Training Programs, 5/5/11

This webinar on state-level driver training features advice and best practices from RTAP managers. You’ll hear from states that utilize the resources of their transit association, university transportation center, grantee transit systems and/or consultants to deliver trainings. One state shares its experience managing a multi-state train-the-trainer program. Presenters include Bob Sharp (PA); Sarah Lenz (MN); Michael Wright, Jay Goodwill, and Amber Reed (FL); Angie Ham (CO); and Lenny Howard and Sue Knapp (MD).

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