Wheelchair Securement

While wheelchair securement practices are based heavily on the type of equipment used and the manufacturer, there are some common best practices. Additionally, links to videos for specific manufacturers are below.


Kansas RTAP Fact Sheets

In the Spotlight: Wheelchair Securement 
Wheelchair Securement: Where Art Meets Science 
Wheelchairs and Other Mobility Devices on Public and Private Transportation


University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Ride Safe Brochure and Educational Toolbox.

Center for Urban Transit Research (CUTR)'s Challenges of Wheelchair Securement: Searching for Solutions (with section on scooter securement).

Google Video search on "wheelchair securement" (can narrow search to bus, van, or company depending on needs).

Wheelchair and Rider Securement Procedures and Checklists from Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT)--Downloads a Word document directly.

Wheelchair Securement and Lift Operation Training from RLS Associates and Wisconsin RTAP--Downloads a PowerPoint presentation directly.

Low-cost, online wheelchair securement training course from the Center for Transportation eLearning.

National RTAP's Oversized Wheeled Mobility Devices Technical Brief and 2 The Point 'refresher' Training Cards.

FTA Office of Civil Rights Questions and Answers Concerning Wheelchairs and Bus and Rail Service.


Wheelchair Securement Equipment Companies

EZ Lock 

EZ Lock Training videos

Q’Straint Training Products

Sure-Lok Training Program

Freedom Wheels (lifts)


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