Tribal Transit

These resources include training and technical assistance specifically geared toward tribal transit operators and riders.


"How RTAP Helps Rural, Urban and Tribal Transit Sites", 2016 presentation by Robin Phillips, Executive Director, RTAP

Crossing Great Divides, a National RTAP training module discussing elderly mobility on tribal lands.

National RTAP's Resources for Tribal Transit Providers PowerPoint presentation.

TCRP Report 154: Developing, Enhancing and Sustaining Tribal Transit Services.

Tribal Technical Assistance Programs' (TTAP) Tribal Transportation News: Tribal Transit Edition, Fall 2013.

Tribal Transit and Prospects for Future Funding, a webinar from SURTC. (2012)

National Indian Justice Center - Western Tribal Training and Technical Assistance Program

Rural and Tribal Passenger Transportation Technical Assistance Available Through CTAA

Nations in Transit, Community Transportation issue devoted to case studies on best practices in Tribal transit (2009)


FTA Guidance

Tribal Transit Program (5311(c)) Homepage

Public Transportation on Indian Reservations Program (5311(j)) Homepage

May 9, 2013 Federal Register Notice about new discretionary grant program.

Final 5311 Circular.



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