Safety and Transit Asset Management

TCRP Report 172: Guidance for Developing a Transit Asset Management Plan provides best practices and a spreadsheet tool for managing asset inventory.

FTA Transit Safety & Oversight website. 

FTA State of Good Repair and Transit Asset Management page, with updated technical assistance, documents, and tools. 

FTA-sponsored Transit Safety Management and Performance Measurement guidebook.

Transit Safety ANPRM analysis from CTAA.

TERM-Lite System for asset management, from FTA.

TCRP Report 157: State of Good Repair: Prioritizing the Rehabilitation and Replacement of Existing Capital Assets and Evaluating the Implications for Transit.


Sample Plans

View multiple plans under "TAM Pilots" on FTA's State of Good Repair and Asset Management page.

Safety and Security Management Plan FAQ from FTA. 

Transit Asset Management Plan examples from WSDOT.

View sample safety/security plans on the FTA Safety Management System Website by filtering to plans/manuals/templates.




Overview of the Safety and Transit Asset Management ANPRM, from FTA. (November 2013)

Recorded webinars on transit asset management from the National Transit Institute (NTI).

Overview of MAP-21 Safety Requirements, from FTA. (February 2013)

FTA's Improving Transit Safety: New Mandate Under MAP-21.



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