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Substance Abuse Awareness Training

This online training is available on the National RTAP eLearning portal at http://elearning.nationalrtap.org/.  

The FTA drug and alcohol testing regulation (§655.14(b)) requires a minimum of sixty (60) minutes of training for all safety-sensitive employees on the effects and consequences of prohibited drug use on personal health, safety, and the work environment. 
This Substance Abuse Awareness Training addresses the signs and symptoms that may indicate drug use. Upon completion, users are awarded a certificate in their name with a time stamp showing the duration it took to complete the module (minimum of 60 minutes).  The average time to complete the program is 90 minutes.

The typical end user will be transit staff and management, such as drivers, maintenance personnel, dispatchers, and managers, who will access the online training via personal computers or tablet devices.

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