Defensive Driving

Defensive driving entails altering driver behavior to prevent accidents caused by hazards on the road or in the vehicle. These resources include training that will help drivers deal with situations before they arise.

Automotive Fleet Magazine's Avoiding Accidents with Defensive DrivingHow to Avoid Wrong-Way Drivers and How to Deal with High-Risk Drivers

CTAA's PASS Training

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)'s Defensive Driving tips

Illinois Center for Transportation Distracted Driving: A Literature Review, 2020

LYTX's What Every Fleet Manager Must Know About Defensive Driving 

National RTAP's Defensive Driving 2 The Point Cards and Safety Training and Rural Transit (START) 

Ohio LTAP's The Professional Driver Paratransit Driver Training Program

Oklahoma Safety Council's Defensive Driving: Employer Refresher Tips

OSHA's Motor Vehicle Guide

Texas Department of Insurance's Take 5: Defensive Driving


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Updated October 16 2020