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TAM for Tribes, 8/1/18

National RTAP facilitated a peer discussion about TAM for Tribes. The purpose of the call was to collect information from Tribal Transit agencies about their approach to the Transit Asset Management Plan and how they plan meet the basic requirements of the TAM rule. We discussed challenges and shared solutions specific to Tribal Transit agencies.

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Disaster Preparedness Series: In the Eye of the Storm, 2/21/18

This was the second of three Peer Calls on Disaster Preparedness, co-organized with the South West Transit Association (SWTA). Participants discussed what role they can play in helping their community respond to fires, floods, and other disasters and what they need to do to protect their vehicles.

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State Allocation of Section 5310 and 5311 Funds, 2/8/18

During this Peer Call, State Program Managers from Texas and Michigan spoke about how they allocate Section 5311 and 5310 funds in their states, including the formula or criteria they use, application cycle, and review process. Participants from Arizona, Nebraska, and Idaho also contributed to the conversation. Click “Download Handout” to view a Summary of the Section 5310 and 5311 Application Processes for Texas, Michigan, and New York State. Also visit AASHTO’s Multi-State Technical Assistance Program (MTAP) for more webinars and resources on this topic.

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Previous Peer Calls

National RTAP Peer Calls are available in our YouTube Channel. Click on the session link below to view each description and the recording.
10/17/18 | Everyone on the Bus Twitter Chat | Transcript | Summary
8/1/18 | TAM for Tribes | Webinar | Handouts
7/12/18 | True Tales of Rural Transit Heroes Twitter Chat | Transcript | Summary
2/21/18 | Disaster Preparedness Series: In the Eye of the StormWebinar | PowerPoint 
2/8/18 | State Allocation of Section 5310 and 5311 FundsWebinar | PowerPoint | Handout 
1/17/18 | Disaster Preparedness Series: Getting Ready for the WorstWebinar | PowerPoint 
11/30/17 | ADA Riders Guide and Policies for Tribal TransitWebinar | PowerPoint 
7/13/17 | Tribal Transit Manager OverviewWebinar 
5/24/17 | Fostering a Safety CultureWebinar | PowerPoint 
2/15/17 | Engaging Community StakeholdersWebinar | PowerPoint 
10/26/16 | NEMT Performance MeasuresWebinar 
8/3/16 | Preparing for State Management ReviewsWebinar | PowerPoint 
5/18/16 | Special Topics in Procurement - RFPs for ITWebinar | PowerPoint 
1/27/16 | Transit Manager 101Webinar | PowerPoint 
11/18/15 | Tribal TransitWebinar | PowerPoint 
9/16/15 | Title VI PlansWebinar | PowerPoint 
8/19/15 | Tribal TransitWebinar | PowerPoint 
7/15/15 | Interstate RegulationsWebinar | PowerPoint 


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